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Les Enfants Terribles - Terrible children or damn good food?

What’s in a name? Isn’t that an age old question? Well if you take names literally, then Les Enfants Terribles would translate to the terrible children and probably wouldn’t make you think of food. In my case not only do I think of food, but my mouth waters instantly at the memories a few dinners I have had at the rather popular Montreal restaurant.

On a windy and chilly night, I met my friend on Bernard St., and we grabbed a table at the trendy Brasserie. Even being a Wednesday night the restaurant was quite full, luckily they had a few tables available. We sat, ordered drinks immediately and warmed up from the cold while reading the menu. On special that evening was their truffle arancinis which I had to have. I also ordered the truffle risotto with squash, mushrooms and celery root. My dining partner opted for the fried calamari as her appetizer and the ribs and fries as her main.

The appetizers came rather quickly which was perfect as we both were quite hungry. The aran…