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Block's Pizza Deli

Thin crust, thick crust, Chicago style, or pan, pizzas come in many styles, shapes and flavours.  Traditional tomato or piled high with toppings, many of us love and eat way too much of this heavenly treat.  Now I have a few favourite spots in Montreal for great pizza, but one place in South Beach does it so right its a sin.  Blocks Pizza Deli on Washington between 14th and 15th street knows what good pizza is and they serve it up right each and every day.

A three hundred year old starter for the dough is probably what makes this place stand out from other pizza joints but it also doesn't hurt that they only use fresh ingredients and never ever freeze anything. The diversity of their pizzas and pizza-like food is also very creative and totally delicious.  Blocks (square slices) of pizzas, perfectly executed calzones and delicious pockets (sandwiches) are what keeps me coming back to Blocks Pizza Deli year after year.  

A dash of tomato sauce, shavings of parmesan, prosciutto di parm…

La Sandwicherie

There is a clear and definite art to making a good sandwich.  Our society has become ignorant to this fact because of places like Subway, whose so called sandwiches are filled with chemicals and pure garbage ingredients.  A good sandwich is probably one of my most favourite things to eat, and that's why when I'm in South Beach, La Sandwicherie is always a must.  

Tucked away on Collins Cres. and 14th, this little takeout window is where all locals and people who know good sandwiches eat.  Lineup or grab a seat, depending on the time of day, order up any of their many sandwich combinations and watch the artists at work.   There is no joking here, this is no American sandwich, the owner knows the trick to making delicious sandwiches.  Growing up in Lyon France, he learnt a thing or two about good food and brought that back with him to South Beach.  My first time trying this place was a few years back and ever since that first bite, I haven't been able to get this place out of…

SUWU again, Oh Yesss!!!!

Food is the love of my life.  Eating it, talking about it and making it all brings me so much joy.  Some people think I am insane, while others totally understand my obsession.  One person I know who completely understands my love for food happens to be, in my opinion, one of the most talented chefs I have ever come across.  Antony Nassif, chef at SUWU, has the ability to create the most creative and flavourful dishes from the simplest and of course freshest ingredients.  The way his mind works to create dishes and flavours is mind boggling. I don't know where his ideas come from but boy oh boy are they tasty.  Over the past few weeks, I have frequented SUWU quite a few times as I cannot get enough of their delicious food.  

I don't really know where to begin as I feel that my words will not do SUWU's food justice, you just have to try it for yourself.  There are no words to describe the flavours that I have consumed over the past few weeks, but I am going to try.  It all s…

A Celebration at Kyozon: Happy 3rd Blogaversary A Famished Foodie™

Every year on April 14th, my friends and I celebrate another year of A Famished Foodie™.  It's really an excuse to get together with great friends, drink ourselves into oblivion while stuffing our faces with scrumptious food.  The past two years we've chosen to have fun at pizzeria's, this year we decide to go with a little Asian persuasion.  Eight of us met up at Kyozon around 8pm for dinner and drinks to celebrate the 3 year milestone.  

I had been to the Kyozon opening and had wanted to return so I thought why not return for my Blogaversary.  We arrived and had a round of drinks at the bar before heading over to our table.  As we sat and glanced over the menu, I couldn't help but notice how awfully expensive the menu was.  I did not expect this at all.  $14 for a roll of sushi, it better be good.  We ordered up a bunch of dishes and continued drinking and chatting waiting for our food to arrive.  

The first dish to arrive were the edamames we ordered to snack on while…

Katsuya @ The SLS South Beach

Dining in any restaurant is always a fun experience, but dining at a high end restaurant is always my favourite.  When in South Beach, I always go a little insane and spend way too much money eating in deliciously expensive places and loving every minute of it.  This last trip down to the sunny beaches of Miami, I joined my friend at one of his favourite South Beach spots, Katsuya in the SLS hotel.  

Arriving on time for our reservations, even though we got a little confused on the way, the over friendly staff at Katsuya greeted us with the traditional Japanese greeting, "Irasshaimase," and seated us at our table.  I was surprised by the greeting as I am used to the welcoming screams at more casual Izakaya's but not at such an upscale place.  I enjoyed it though as it made the staff and restaurant seem more down to earth rather than stuck up and pretentious.  
As soon as we sat down, our waiter and busboy arrived to offer us water and one of their specialty cocktails.  We …