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My Ceviche - My Happy Place

South Beach is not only known for hot weather and bikinis, the food scene is quite spectacular as well. There is a very diverse food culture in Miami, especially when it comes to Latin food. From Venezuelan empanadas to Columbian patacones and the delicious flavours of Cuba, Spain and Mexico, South Beach has it all.   That being said, My Ceviche has got to be the best restaurant in town!  Not only is the food consistently fresh, the flavours are what Miami Beach is all about!

For this trip to Miami, I was so excited to land, drop my bags off at the condo and run the 3 blocks to My Ceviche's South Beach location.  I wasn't able to do that as my flight landed pretty late, but the next day like clockwork I was at the counter picking up dinner.  
We ordered a few of our favourites, ok half the menu, and ran back to our place to devour our delicious feast.  Raw tuna tacos, mixed fish ceviche and of course my all-time favourite, charred octopus tacos.  We literally ran home with a del…

Uniburger: What a Burger!

One of my fondest memories of my childhood is being up north at my parent’s country house playing on the lawn while my Dad BBQued dinner. We used that charcoal Webber like it was going out of style. I loved to help my Dad, but I always knew I had to stay far away from the fire. I would bring him the meat, or a clean plate to put the cooked burgers or steaks on, all the while staying far away from the actual BBQ. One of our favourite dinners, besides a good rib steak, was burgers. Oh how I love a good hamburger (or cheeseburger)!

I had heard amazing things about the burgers at Uniburger. Classic all meat patty, fresh topping and a killer bun what’s not to fall in love with? One night after a long tiring day at work, my friend and I headed over to the Cote-des-Neiges location and ordered up a couple of burgers, fries and drinks!

There is no real vibe to the grungy, casual decor at Uniburger, it just feels like a burger joint. We grabbed a seat at one of the bench tables, filled ou…

L'Gros Luxe - dinner at the bar is always better!!

Grilled cheese, poutine, fish ‘n chips, what more could one want to accompany a damn good drink on a girl’s night? That is exactly what my best friend and I were hoping for on our last girl’s night before her husband returned from a business trip. We both had heard all the buzz about L’Gros Luxe and decided we had to head over and try it out for ourselves.

We decided to stop by the Bernard location and quickly grabbed two seats at the bar. We love sitting at the bar, not only is it fun to chat with the people sitting next to you, but the bartenders always make the night that much better. This night, we had two very entertaining men to the left of us and had a blast debating what to order with them. First things first, we had to order drinks!

I started the night with their “Brody Dalle,” a gin cocktail with Campari, lime syrup, raspberries and basil. My friend had “Le Pickle,” a gin martini with a dose of dill pickle juice. Both drinks were strong but still delicious. Despite hav…