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Lavanderia - A Tale of a Lunch and a Dinner

My sister works at Victoria Park along with my best friend, so on a random Wednesday, I headed to Westmount to meet them for lunch.  The casual warm setting of Lavanderia was very relaxing.  I loved the calming colours and homey feel to the place as it does pay tribute to Chef Antonio Park's childhood home above his parent's Lavanderia or laundromat - Hence the name!

We started our lunch with a coconut fish broth soup served in these adorable little cast iron bowls.  The broth was full of flavour, creamy and smooth.  The chunks of potatoes were tender and soaked up the flavour of the broth perfectly.  I can see why my friend claims this is her favourite soup!

As my main, I opted for the grilled calamari.  A fresh made corn tortilla piled high with calamari and a light delicious mixed salad.  I was excited for this dish and dug right in.  I have to say, I expected the calamari to be significantly tender and carry that delicious charred flavour and it did, just the tenderness was …


The French Riviera during the summer is sunny, hot and filled with absolutely gorgeous people.  My favourite part is sitting and drinking on the private beaches of Nice and eating at yummy little restaurants.  Walking to the beach from our cute modern apartment, consisted of a short stroll through Old town Nice.  The small narrow streets lined with small shops, delicious smelling restaurants and bakeries, made me hungry with each step I took.  

The first morning as we walked to Ponchettes beach, we stopped at a small bakery to grab some breakfast.  I had the brie cheese focaccia style bread.  There must have been a proper name for it but I didn't care.  I saw it, I pointed at it, I paid for it and I ate it - Delicious!  The texture of the bread was just perfect, the spices and cheese on top were just perfect, I could have eaten 10.  

My friend had the same type of breakfast bread, however she opted for the one with smoked salmon.  It too was absolutely delicious.  We sat, drank our …


Visiting Europe has always been a dream of mine. I have always wanted to travel all over, from city to city, exploring the culture of Europeans through the food they eat. This past April, I got a call from my best friend in Washington DC, and it changed my life.  She, a marketing guru, was asked by her boss to attend the Lions International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, France and immediately called me to ask me to join her. I was floored! Really, the south of France – OMG!! I couldn’t breathe I was so excited! I immediately accepted the offer and my part of the trip planning began – where to eat?

We planned out our stops quite quickly and then the food planning began. Meeting in Nice, Cote d’Azur was our first stop and the one I was most excited for, at first, but as the planning continued, so did my excitement. Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Florence and Rome – OMG!! The research was done and we were off, of course all that research was thrown out as soon as I landed in Nice. Restaurant r…

La Belle et La Boeuf - Grilled cheese heaven!!

Comfort food comes in all shapes and sizes and everyone has their own variation that they run to when in need.  My favourite comfort food has got to be a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.  There is something so damn delicious and cathartic about greasy bread pan fried in butter with ooey gooey cheese leaking out the centre dipped into a creamy rich tomato soup - pure heaven!  When I heard about these delicious and funky grilled cheeses at La Belle et La Boeuf, I knew I had to try them.

My friend and I headed over to the St. Catherine street location on a Wednesday night, grabbed a seat and ordered up some drinks and the pogo appetizer to start.  Fried, battered and on a stick, these little hot doggies (as I call them) were absolutely delicious.  I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of greasiness and scarfed a few down.

As the empty appetizer plate was taken away, our greasy comforting mains arrived.  I had the onions soup grilled cheese and my friend had the patty melt.  Beyon…

Les Enfants Terribles - Terrible children or damn good food?

What’s in a name? Isn’t that an age old question? Well if you take names literally, then Les Enfants Terribles would translate to the terrible children and probably wouldn’t make you think of food. In my case not only do I think of food, but my mouth waters instantly at the memories a few dinners I have had at the rather popular Montreal restaurant.

On a windy and chilly night, I met my friend on Bernard St., and we grabbed a table at the trendy Brasserie. Even being a Wednesday night the restaurant was quite full, luckily they had a few tables available. We sat, ordered drinks immediately and warmed up from the cold while reading the menu. On special that evening was their truffle arancinis which I had to have. I also ordered the truffle risotto with squash, mushrooms and celery root. My dining partner opted for the fried calamari as her appetizer and the ribs and fries as her main.

The appetizers came rather quickly which was perfect as we both were quite hungry. The aran…

Block's Pizza Deli

Thin crust, thick crust, Chicago style, or pan, pizzas come in many styles, shapes and flavours.  Traditional tomato or piled high with toppings, many of us love and eat way too much of this heavenly treat.  Now I have a few favourite spots in Montreal for great pizza, but one place in South Beach does it so right its a sin.  Blocks Pizza Deli on Washington between 14th and 15th street knows what good pizza is and they serve it up right each and every day.

A three hundred year old starter for the dough is probably what makes this place stand out from other pizza joints but it also doesn't hurt that they only use fresh ingredients and never ever freeze anything. The diversity of their pizzas and pizza-like food is also very creative and totally delicious.  Blocks (square slices) of pizzas, perfectly executed calzones and delicious pockets (sandwiches) are what keeps me coming back to Blocks Pizza Deli year after year.  

A dash of tomato sauce, shavings of parmesan, prosciutto di parm…

La Sandwicherie

There is a clear and definite art to making a good sandwich.  Our society has become ignorant to this fact because of places like Subway, whose so called sandwiches are filled with chemicals and pure garbage ingredients.  A good sandwich is probably one of my most favourite things to eat, and that's why when I'm in South Beach, La Sandwicherie is always a must.  

Tucked away on Collins Cres. and 14th, this little takeout window is where all locals and people who know good sandwiches eat.  Lineup or grab a seat, depending on the time of day, order up any of their many sandwich combinations and watch the artists at work.   There is no joking here, this is no American sandwich, the owner knows the trick to making delicious sandwiches.  Growing up in Lyon France, he learnt a thing or two about good food and brought that back with him to South Beach.  My first time trying this place was a few years back and ever since that first bite, I haven't been able to get this place out of…

SUWU again, Oh Yesss!!!!

Food is the love of my life.  Eating it, talking about it and making it all brings me so much joy.  Some people think I am insane, while others totally understand my obsession.  One person I know who completely understands my love for food happens to be, in my opinion, one of the most talented chefs I have ever come across.  Antony Nassif, chef at SUWU, has the ability to create the most creative and flavourful dishes from the simplest and of course freshest ingredients.  The way his mind works to create dishes and flavours is mind boggling. I don't know where his ideas come from but boy oh boy are they tasty.  Over the past few weeks, I have frequented SUWU quite a few times as I cannot get enough of their delicious food.  

I don't really know where to begin as I feel that my words will not do SUWU's food justice, you just have to try it for yourself.  There are no words to describe the flavours that I have consumed over the past few weeks, but I am going to try.  It all s…