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Blue Ribbon Sushi - Las Vegas

Vegas is one of my favourite cities. Not because of all the parties or the fact that you can drink anywhere and everywhere, ok because of that too, but the food scene in Vegas is one of my favourites. From Bobby Flay to Mario Batali, this city is where you will find so many restaurants owned by so many acclaimed and “Celebrity” chefs. Right before I turned 30, one of my oldest and closest friends and I decided we needed a pre-birthday bash. We booked our flights, booked our hotel and headed to the airport three days later – Girl’s trip!

I arrived in Vegas at 5pm on a Saturday night and headed straight for my hotel. I checked myself and my friend into the Cosmopolitan and headed up to our room. My friend wasn’t due to arrive until later that evening, so I quickly showered and decided to explore and grab a drink. After about an hour or so of drinking and flirting with some really cute guys, my tummy started to rumble – Feed me!! I asked around and was quickly told to try Blue Rib…

The New SuWu!

About a year ago I was invited to try Suwu. I went, I ate, I enjoyed. I visited a few times after my initial visit, but my experiences were never the same. Burnt food, thirty minutes for drinks, rude waiter and how about that time I ordered drinks and food only to be told forty minutes later that they closed the kitchen ... ??? When I heard SuWu was re-vamping its kitchen, I had high hopes, especially when I learnt who would be in the kitchen!

Brunch is my favourite time of the week. I am always looking for new brunch spots so a few Saturdays ago, my friends and I decided to give Suwu’s new menu a shot. We arrived and were seated quickly. The restaurant was busy but we walked in just as another table was leaving. I knew right away what I wanted to order, the MTL all dressed bagel, but the other options on the menu also begged to be ordered. 

The service was not the best, I think they need to re-train their entire front of the house, but the food was on point! The waiter seeme…