Sunday, August 10, 2014

Moshi Moshi - More Sushi Please!!!!

When I’m in South Beach with my family, my youngest sister and I have a few special traditions that we always sneak off to do. One such tradition is going for a sushi lunch or dinner – sometimes even both! This last trip down south we hit up Moshi Moshi Sushi on Washington just past Espagnola way in South Beach.

We grabbed a table for two outside and sat down to enjoy the warm South Beach night. There were many options on the menu that we wanted to order and in no time we narrowed down our selection. We ordered the Moshi Moshi roll, the Special California roll with cooked fish on top, the shrimp tempura roll and the spicy tuna roll with tempura flakes. The waitress suggested we start with that and then order more as the rolls were quite large.

On a warm night, nothing is better than a crisp cold beer and that’s exactly what I ordered to go along with my sushi feast. My Sapporo arrived in a tall glass accompanied by our first plate of delicious sushi. The special California roll topped with baked fish and a delicious sweet glaze - out of this world delicious! The fresh lightly baked fish was so delicious and delicate, it really added a special "Je ne sais quoi" to the dish. I have had sushi rolls with raw sashimi on the outside, but never baked fish. It was a very different and quite a delicious twist. I highly recommend trying this roll.

As we finished our first dish, the next plate of sushi appeared. Spicy tuna with tempura flakes was a simple roll but the flavour was anything but. The red tuna, the spice of the sauce and the crunchy tempura meddled together to form one damn good piece of sushi. I especially liked how they spread a tiny bit of spicy mayo on each piece of the roll – love that!

The Moshi Moshi roll had the perfect blend of tunas, white and red, and salmon. The crunchiness of the tempura flakes, the zing of the spicy mayo and the creaminess of the avocado complimented the fresh fish so well and created a delicious and addicting sushi roll. I really loved this roll and so did my little sis. We ate it up quite quickly, and had I not been so full after finishing the rest of the sushi, I would have gladly ordered another of this roll.

The Ebi tempura roll was good too, nothing out of the ordinary, but still very good. I always find when eating sushi abroad, I mean outside of Montreal, the rolls and style of serving sushi is always different. There is always one roll I can count on, the shrimp tempura, and Moshi Moshi’s did not disappoint.

My sister and I finished up the last few bites of sushi; I could not believe how full we were with only four rolls. I thanked the waitress for stopping us there, she said that people always over order and that she would rather we under order than order too much to finish. I really appreciated that and thanked her again. We sat drinking our drinks and people watching for a while; south beach really has the best people watching and of course really amazing food too!

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