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Irasshaimase! Kinoya Izakaya

Irasshaimase! The magical greeting that is very clearly heard as you enter Kinoya, a Japanese Izakaya in the heart of the plateau on St. Denis. Even pedestrians walking by the dramatically decorated restaurant jump when the waitresses and staff proudly and enthusiastically greet each and every customer. I love the warm and welcoming greeting, it makes the experience that much more authentic. I had been invited to try this Izakaya, Japanese tapas/bar food, and being a lover of Japanese food I could not resist the invitation.

Walking into Kinoya is a tad bit confusing. As you walk into the restaurant, the rustic wood walls take over and transport you to Japan. There are two doors and I was not sure where I should enter. A very friendly and energetic waitress greeted us with the traditional Irasshaimase, along with the rest of the staff, and asked us to walk through the first door so that she may seat us at our table.

We sat right next to opened front window on a warm summer ni…

BBP - Bobby's Burger Palace - Miami

Bobby’s Burger Palace, aka BBP, is unlike any restaurant I have ever been to. Normally at restaurants you’re seated first and then you place your order, but not at BBP. At BBP you line up at the front cashes to place your order. Once your order is placed, you are given a number to put on the table of your choice, either inside or on their large terrace. The waiters and waitresses find you by your table number and deliver your food. A mix of old school drive through and cafeteria type of dining – neat concept!

Standing in a large line (they really should have more than one cash opened at a time), we had more than enough time to decide on what we wanted to eat. They display their concise menu on the wall for everyone to see, and they also have printed ones all over. Staring at the enormous menu hanging on the wall, we all changed our minds over and over.

I finally decided on the Buffalo Burger, my sister the Napa Turkey Burger, My mother had the same but with an Angus beef patty and my fa…

2nd Blogaversary dinner at Bottega Pizzeria

April is my blogaversary month and this year I decided we needed to continue the tradition of a pizza party dinner.  Instead of heading back to last year's spot, we decided to head towards little Italy and devour some delicious Neapolitan style pizzas at Bottega Pizzeria.  

I made a reservation, invited all my friends and family, and patiently waited for the delicious evening to arrive.  Arriving on time for our reservation, I was more than a little annoyed that we all stood around waiting for our table.  There was a four person table ready for us, except the reservation was for 10.  I totally understand having to wait for a table as some people do take longer than others, but offering us a cocktail to make up for the 40 minute wait would have been more than appreciated.  The front of the house basically ignored our frustration and offered no apologies.  This not only pissed me off, but my guests were visibly annoyed. 

We finally sat down at our table, ordered a bottle of wine and s…