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Have you heard about KYOZON?

Have you heard all the hype about this New-Asian tapas restaurant opening up in the heart of downtown this August?  KYOZON is a new style affordable tapas restaurant set to take Montreal by storm later this summer.  

KYOZON is another venture by the Tom Nacos group who's current restaurant list includes; Weinstein and Gavino's, NewTown, Decca77 and l'Atelier d'Argentine.  As a lover of any kind of Asian cuisine, I cannot wait to try this new place out.  Looks like a really fun place to grab some grub and drinks with friends.      

Check out KYOZON's Facebook page and Website for more information.  You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

Decca77 - A very disappointing re-visit!!!

***I thought I posted this a long time ago... ooops!!****

Any opportunity to save money while dining out is ok in my books. I especially love when restaurants offer a reduced priced menu after certain hours or like some restaurant groups here in Montreal, offer a special where their menu prices have been significantly reduced. Le Chop menu is one such example. A few restaurants owned by the Tom Nacos group reduce their menu prices for a period of about a month. This year I visited Decca77. 

Yes I know I have been there before, but this time they did not know I was coming and I wanted to re-visit this spot I had been invited to months back. I arrived on time for my reservation and was taken to coat check. When I made my reservation, I had requested to be seated on the brasserie side, but the hostess brought us towards the restaurant side. I quickly explained that I had requested the brasserie and the hostess quickly apologized and went to the computer to find us another table. As…

Nouveau Palais!

Fried chicken and waffles has been popular for a while now and all I kept hearing was Nouveau Palais does it up right. On a random Sunday, my best friend called me and asked if I wanted to tag along to brunch at Nouveau Palais, I immediately accepted the invitation knowing this was my chance to see what the buzz was about.

We arrived and we were seated immediately, thank goodness as I was starving, and ordered drinks. Two of us had the fresh squeezed grapefruit mimosa, while the other had a bloody Caesar. The loaded Caesar is served in a beer glass with a Cajun spiced rim, a skewer of bell pepper, cucumber, cherry tomato, a quail egg and of course a stalk of celery. The mimosa was tart and refreshing while the Caesar was spicy and comforting. I really enjoyed both.

We saw beignets on the menu and immediately knew we had to have them. Served three to an order and dusted with powdered sugar, these devilish treats were really good. Crispy on the outside with soft and chewy center, these f…

Hof Kelsten - More than just good bread!

Growing up in a family obsessed with good food, I quickly learnt the difference between fresh baked bread and day old stale bread. On a daily basis, my Dad or Mom would come home with fresh bread and once we ate what we needed that day, we would immediately freeze it to ensure freshness. Call me crazy, but I for one still cannot eat day old bread.

A few weeks ago on a chilly Sunday morning, my best friend and her fiancée invited me to grab a quick bite and then some shopping. As I jumped into their car, they both informed me they wanted Schwartz’s, without hesitation we set off towards St. Laurent Blvd. Arriving at Schwartz’s, the line up was huge and we decided not to wait. I immediately suggested Hof Kelsten as I had been dying to try their gravlax sandwich and of course buy some bread.

We headed up St. Laurent Blvd and found parking right in front of Hof Kelsten. The un-finished decor at Hof Kelsten provides for a laid back casual and comfortable vibe. The staff is very frien…