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Saint Henri has become one of my favourite neighbourhoods. Not only is it very close to me, it is also home to most of the cities hottest and best restaurant. From higher priced Joe Beef and Tuck Shop, to sandwiches at Campanelli's, these gems come in all shapes and sizes. One such gem on the corner of du Couvent and Notre Dame blew my mind. I had heard about Ludger's food, but never been nor seen the place.

Not knowing anything about the place, one could walk right by and never imagine that this happening bar serves up some delicious gourmet grub. Casual, almost dingy, would properly describe the decor at Ludger, but as the saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover!” I am never one to judge restaurant by its looks, but I would have never believed the food coming out of their kitchen had I not been there myself. On a snowy February night, a few girlfriends and I set out to Ludger for a really late dinner.

Sauteed Vegetables.  I did not try them but my friends loved them