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My Ceviche IS better than yours!!!

Whenever I have the opportunity to runaway to South Beach, I always prepare a list of all the restaurants I want to try. This past trip was no exception however My Ceviche wasn’t even on my radar until I arrived. Tucked away on Washington between 2nd and 3rd, this little gem blew me away. One morning on my walk of the marina, my mother and I decided to trek down Washington Ave., to try and find this tiny little place that Grace from the Miami Culinary tours had recommended. As we approached the small counter, I was given a menu and promised to return for lunch later that day. As soon as we got home, we headed to the pool and planned out what we were going to order. I knew exactly what I wanted, one of everything please!

It took us about an hour to narrow down our choices, not too bad considering all the delicious sounding options! If you order online My Ceviche offers an awesome promotion. Free chips and guacamole with any purchase of $25 or more – pure genius! Not sure how …