Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mon Ami Gabi

My last morning in Vegas started off with me calling the front desk of the Cosmopolitan hotel and asking for late check-out – hangover! After the front desk allowed me complimentary late check-out at 1 pm, I settled back into bed for a bit and booked brunch at Mon Ami Gabi for 2:30pm.  

After a shower, packing and meeting the boys in the lobby, I decided I needed a little alone time. I checked my bags and made my way over to the Paris hotel. I arrived just in time for my reservation, no luck sitting outside though; the wait was over 2 hours long! The hostess kindly seated me at a small booth, and my waiter came right over to introduce himself and offer me a drink.

I have been told many times that the best cure to a hangover, besides bacon, is alcohol, so I ordered a mimosa – delish! Crisp, fresh and delicious, the mimosa hit the spot and I was quickly recovering from a full week of work and play. As I scanned the menu, I knew exactly what I wanted – eggs Benedict!


My waiter returned a few minutes later to take my order, a blueberry muffin and classic eggs Benedict. I opted to have the muffin served first as I was in no rush and was enjoying being alone for the first time in a week. My muffin arrived warm and to my surprise, the muffin had a delicious crumble topping. The muffin was too large to bite into so I had no choice but to use my fork and knife. The muffin was fluffy and very moist, the perfect contrast to the crumbly and crunchy topping. I really liked that the blueberries held their shape within the muffin and didn't turn to complete mush – the art of the perfect muffin.

After consuming a quarter of the muffin, my main course arrived. A beautiful plate of eggs Benedict was placed in front of me and as the waiter walked away, I dug right in. Perfect poached eggs, delicious hollandaise and real Canadian bacon, what more can one ask for? I know eggs Benedict are not the most difficult dish to make however, whenever I’m brave enough to order this dish in a restaurant it always disappoints, that was not the case at Mon Ami Gabi. The eggs were poached properly; the center still perfectly runny, the bacon was delectable and the English muffin was just right.

I was enjoying my eggs Benedict so much that I almost didn't realize there were crispy golden hash-browns sitting on my plate. I took my first bite of hash-browns and was instantly hooked. The hash-browns were crispy, tender and had the perfect balance of potatoes and onions – truly delicious. Most restaurants tend to over-salt their hash-browns, Mon Ami Gabi’s were just right.

I really enjoyed my brunch at Mon Ami Gabi, for once my friends were right – HA! I even thought about going back early that evening before my flight home, but I was still full from brunch and couldn't manage to eat another meal. Next trip, I will definitely make it to Mon Ami Gabi for dinner or lunch, I hear their steaks are top notch.  
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