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Blue Ribbon Sushi - Las Vegas

Vegas is one of my favourite cities. Not because of all the parties or the fact that you can drink anywhere and everywhere, ok because of that too, but the food scene in Vegas is one of my favourites. From Bobby Flay to Mario Batali, this city is where you will find so many restaurants owned by so many acclaimed and “Celebrity” chefs. Right before I turned 30, one of my oldest and closest friends and I decided we needed a pre-birthday bash. We booked our flights, booked our hotel and headed to the airport three days later – Girl’s trip!

I arrived in Vegas at 5pm on a Saturday night and headed straight for my hotel. I checked myself and my friend into the Cosmopolitan and headed up to our room. My friend wasn’t due to arrive until later that evening, so I quickly showered and decided to explore and grab a drink. After about an hour or so of drinking and flirting with some really cute guys, my tummy started to rumble – Feed me!! I asked around and was quickly told to try Blue Rib…

The New SuWu!

About a year ago I was invited to try Suwu. I went, I ate, I enjoyed. I visited a few times after my initial visit, but my experiences were never the same. Burnt food, thirty minutes for drinks, rude waiter and how about that time I ordered drinks and food only to be told forty minutes later that they closed the kitchen ... ??? When I heard SuWu was re-vamping its kitchen, I had high hopes, especially when I learnt who would be in the kitchen!

Brunch is my favourite time of the week. I am always looking for new brunch spots so a few Saturdays ago, my friends and I decided to give Suwu’s new menu a shot. We arrived and were seated quickly. The restaurant was busy but we walked in just as another table was leaving. I knew right away what I wanted to order, the MTL all dressed bagel, but the other options on the menu also begged to be ordered. 

The service was not the best, I think they need to re-train their entire front of the house, but the food was on point! The waiter seeme…

Tuck Shop - Happy Dirty 30 to Me!!!

For my 30th birthday this year I decided I wanted a fun night out starting with a damn good dinner. As I searched through my list(s) of restaurants, I came across the perfect option for my birthday – Tuck Shop! It shocked me that I still hadn’t had the opportunity to try Tuck Shop, I had been dying to go for so long, so I grabbed my phone called them and left a message. Next thing I knew I was confirming my reservation – Success!

We arrived early at Tuck Shop on a busy Saturday night and unfortunately had to wait for our table to be ready. That is one thing I hate about restaurants that offer two different seating options on Saturday evenings; people who opt of the later seating will most likely have to wait for their table – Frustrating! Six of us stood around the front door for more than forty minutes waiting for our table to be ready. I would have thought the staff at Tuck Shop would have offered us a drink or something to appease our evident frustration, but no such luck! …

Moshi Moshi - More Sushi Please!!!!

When I’m in South Beach with my family, my youngest sister and I have a few special traditions that we always sneak off to do. One such tradition is going for a sushi lunch or dinner – sometimes even both! This last trip down south we hit up Moshi Moshi Sushi on Washington just past Espagnola way in South Beach.

We grabbed a table for two outside and sat down to enjoy the warm South Beach night. There were many options on the menu that we wanted to order and in no time we narrowed down our selection. We ordered the Moshi Moshi roll, the Special California roll with cooked fish on top, the shrimp tempura roll and the spicy tuna roll with tempura flakes. The waitress suggested we start with that and then order more as the rolls were quite large.

On a warm night, nothing is better than a crisp cold beer and that’s exactly what I ordered to go along with my sushi feast. My Sapporo arrived in a tall glass accompanied by our first plate of delicious sushi. The special California ro…


I had been looking forward to my trip to Bethesda, MD., for quite some time. For one my friend lives there, and second I had been dying to try a few restaurants. One such restaurant was Jaleo by Jose Andres. I had heard a lot about the delicious tapas dishes at Jaleo and could not wait for the opportunity to go.

On a warm July evening, my friends and I found ourselves seated watching Fifa soccer on tv at Jaleo in Besthsda Row. We all ordered our drinks and my friends focused their attention on the soccer while I focused mine on the menu. I could not help but want to order almost everything on the menu, but I knew I would have to make compromises. My friend ordered a few certain dishes and then I was left to decide on the rest. After we placed our order, we sat back and sipped our delicious drinks.

If you know me then you know I ordered the gin and tonic, served “Jose Andres” style with fresh juniper berries, lemon zest and a cucumber. It was larger than I could have ever ima…

Crabs, crabs and more crabs at Phillips Crab Deck!

A few weeks ago, I hoped on a plane and went to visit my friend in Bethesda, MD for a long, long weekend. I arrived Friday evening just in time for a quick dinner and few too many drinks. The next afternoon, we headed toward Annapolis, MD., to be tourists. We walked around, shopped and then when dinner time hit, my friends took me to one of their favourite Maryland spots. Having grown up in Baltimore, my friend is a huge lover of crab and Old Bay spices, so naturally she took me for a real Maryland style crab dinner.

Phillips Crab Deck is right on the water in Annapolis, and their huge terrace overlooks the bay. Being the crab pro, I let my friend order us dinner, I just chose the alcohol. She ordered us a dozen crabs, corn on the cob, French fries and lots of Old Bay spices. I started with the oysters, a favourite of mine, served on the half shell on a bed of ice with lemons and delicious cocktail sauce. I shared the oysters with my friends, but they weren’t having any of it,…

Irasshaimase! Kinoya Izakaya

Irasshaimase! The magical greeting that is very clearly heard as you enter Kinoya, a Japanese Izakaya in the heart of the plateau on St. Denis. Even pedestrians walking by the dramatically decorated restaurant jump when the waitresses and staff proudly and enthusiastically greet each and every customer. I love the warm and welcoming greeting, it makes the experience that much more authentic. I had been invited to try this Izakaya, Japanese tapas/bar food, and being a lover of Japanese food I could not resist the invitation.

Walking into Kinoya is a tad bit confusing. As you walk into the restaurant, the rustic wood walls take over and transport you to Japan. There are two doors and I was not sure where I should enter. A very friendly and energetic waitress greeted us with the traditional Irasshaimase, along with the rest of the staff, and asked us to walk through the first door so that she may seat us at our table.

We sat right next to opened front window on a warm summer ni…