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On a random weekday, I was on my opentable app searching for where I wanted to eat and blog about next, when the best thing ever happened, Toque! had a 1000 point reservation!! I couldn't believe it and immediately called my favourite dining partner and close friend to see if she was up for yet another of my crazy food adventures. As soon as she said yes I hit the confirm button and shrieked with excitement.

The next evening I jumped into my friend's car and we were off. We arrived on time and parked literally in front of the restaurant, very convenient but on busier nights, parking might be an issue. As we entered the almost empty restaurant, we were very nicely greeted by the hostess and shown to our table. The restaurant has an elegant yet laid back feel to it and the front of the house staff really go the extra mile to make sure your experience is a good one - at least that’s how we felt of our evening.

As we were seated, our waiter arrived promptly and offered us one…