Sunday, November 24, 2013

MESA Grill - Delicious, delicious delicious!

Bobby Flay has always been a favourite of mine and I have always been inspired by his cooking. MESA Grill has been on my “to eat at” list from the beginning, so when I finally got my chance to eat there, I knew I had to take full advantage. I prepped myself to eat as much as I possibly could manage and knew I would have to narrow down how many apps or mains I ordered. Yes sometimes I order more than one, just to taste.

I was still redeeming myself from my other terrible celebrity chef restaurant recommendation, but I knew Bobby would never let me down. As we arrived on time for our reservation, we were immediately seated at a very large and comfortable table. I loved the decor and vibe at MESA, comfortable and relaxed yet upscale and elegant – trust me, it worked.

As we sat down, my boss announced that we were all having the same cocktail to start and appointed one person at the table to choose what we were going to have. Of course I opened my big mouth and suggested choosing a tequila based drink. Being the only woman on this business trip, the polite and kind men I work with listened to me and a classic margarita was chosen. The drink was so good; it had the perfect balance of sour, sweet and tequila. I could have continued having them all night, but then came the wine. One of the best parts of travelling with my boss is the wine we drink. He happens to be a very modest wine connaisseur, and always manages to choose such delicious wines. On this trip, I must have tasted at least 7 different wines and enjoyed each and every one - Pinot noir is a favourite of his!


As we sat and sipped our delicious margaritas, a beautiful basket of assorted breads arrived and we all dug right in. The corn bread muffins, half yellow corn and half blue corn, was the best bread in the basket. Fluffy, tender and perfectly spiced, these little devils were the first to be eaten. Besides the corn breads, there was also olive bread and sour dough/ciabatta looking bread. All were delicious but none compared to the corn breads, seriously I think it was the best corn bread I have ever had – love!

As I looked over the menu, I realized I wanted to order everything.   It was almost impossible to choose what to have, so when my co-worker/friend agreed to share two apps and two mains, I was more than excited. I started off with the mini lobster blue corn tacos. Served three to an order, these crispy bites were spicy and delicious. The blue corn shell was not only the perfect eating tool, it was also the perfect contrast to the tender lobster meat. The lobster was cooked perfectly and spiced very well. The Habanero sauce was not over powering nor too spicy, the flavour blended beautifully with the lobster, pickled red onions and fennel radish. I really enjoyed this appetizer.


My friend had the barbequed duck and blue corn pancake served with a habanero chile and star anice sauce. I am not a huge lover of star anice, but I can handle the flavour is small doses; this dish had the perfect balance of the pungent flavour. The barbequed duck was tender and deliciously spiced; sweet and spicy - the perfect balance. The blue corn pancake was just perfect, fluffy and flavourful. The first time I ever had a corn pancake I almost gagged, this one was just delicious. I was told by a friend to order this dish and I was happy I listened.  Dinner was off to a superb start.

I knew everyone at the table was enjoying their appetizers because all I kept hearing was “Oh this is so good, you got to try it.” Instantly I had a hunch that this was going to be the best meal of the trip - I was so right! So far the food was top notch, but I also noticed how attentive our waitress was, not only did she manage to serve us and all our demands, she also recommended the perfect mains for each diner at the table.

I was in the mood for seafood so our waitress suggested I have the seared scallops served with wild mushroom hominy grits and a cotija and cilantro brown butter. My beautiful plate of scallops arrived seared to perfection, cooked and seasoned just right - so delicious!  I was hesitant to share this amazing dish, but ended up sharing one of my scallops, I really wasn't happy about it. The mushroom grits had a rich earthy flavour and I could swear there was a hint of truffle too. The grits were perfectly creamy and managed to bring this dish together just right, truly the best scallops dish I've had in a really long time. I didn't want this dish to end, but sadly I ate the entire plate. Let’s just say I woke up the next day wanting to go back and order another plate. 


A few people at the table followed our waitress’s other suggestion and had the Mexican spice rubbed pork tenderloin. The Chef suggests the pork be cooked to a proper medium and served pink in the center; this was the first time I had ever had pork cooked like that.   I was always taught to fully cook pork, but if the Chef suggested the meat be served medium, who am I to argue. The tenderloin was served in three generous portions and really absorbed the rich bold flavours of the spice rub. Drizzled with a Bourbon and Ancho chile sauce, this pork was so flavourful and spicy, probably the best pork dish ever! I for one could not believe how much better the pork was when cooked medium – delish! I must admit that I myself won’t be cooking pork to a medium, still too scared of poisoning myself.


As dinner came to a delicious end, I couldn't help but feel sad.  The meal I had been looking forward to for months and months was over - *tear!  I wanted to forgo all other reservations we had that week and just continue eating at MESA, but sadly I knew I could not.  Everyone at the table agreed and still agrees that MESA Grill was the best meal we had in Vegas, except for that sushi dinner they went to before I arrived - jackasses!  I cannot wait to try Bar Americain and Bobby's Burger Palace, they better live up to MESA's deliciousness.   

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