Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gordon Ramsay's Pub & Grill

On my last night in Vegas I decided I couldn't leave without trying at least one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. There were still a whole bunch of places I wanted to try like RM Seafood and Pub 1842 by Michael Mina, but for some reason my tummy and brain kept telling me “Go to Gordon Ramsay!” I called Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris hotel, I had tried three nights before to get us all a reservation there with no luck, and again this night they were full. I quickly decided to call Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill and immediately got a reservation.

The four of us remaining in Vegas arrived just in time for our reservation. We would have been a few minutes early had I not gotten us lost in Caesar’s Palace – seriously confusing! We were immediately seated at a booth, but it took a few minutes for our waiter to arrive and offer us drinks. When our waiter arrived with menus, we ordered a bottle Pinot Noir and began reading the menu. The restaurant was busy, waiters, waitresses, busboys and busgirls running around and doing their best to serve everyone in the very large restaurant. Our waiter informed us that the restaurant averages around 2000 meals per day – insanity! He also told us that he used to work in the kitchen at MESA Grill, also a busy restaurant, and it didn't compare to the hustle and bustle of this establishment.  

All four of us read and re-read the menu over and over again debating what to order. There are so many delicious sounding dishes that none of us knew what to have. We finally had our waiter come over and suggest some of his favourites. Once he went through the menu, I knew exactly what I wanted and so did the rest of the people at my table.

I opted to forgo an appetizer and instead ordered a delicious wild mushroom side dish to go with my diver scallops. The side dishes at Gordon Ramsay’s Pub and Grill are generous portions and meant to be served family style and shared amongst the table. We were so hungry we all ordered individual sides for ourselves – pigs! I was served a beautiful plate of diver scallops with a cauliflower puree and brussels sprouts. Served four very large scallops to an order, my first two were impeccable; seared to perfection, deliciously fresh and well seasoned. Unfortunately, the last two were a total disaster. 

The last two scallops on my plate were not only undercooked, they were completely raw. It was as if the Chef seared two and then decided he was done, the last two scallops had a very faint markings on one side, while the other was completely raw – very disappointing! My hilarious prankster boss decided that this was unacceptable and that we as diners should be able to press a button and a screen appear with Gordon Ramsay yelling at the chef – hilarious but genius too! The waiter loved this suggestion and assured us that the Chef who prepared my dish did in fact get “A real good yelling!” I asked if I could go into the kitchen and see him being yelled at, that idea did not go over well! My waiter apologized so many times as he could not understand how something so simple could go so wrong. He offered me another plate of scallops, but by this time I was already extremely full and would not want to waste a plate of scallops. Instead, our waiter brought us two delicious desserts – I will get to that later.

The cauliflower puree was absolutely delicious. The light smooth and silky texture complimented the scallops and Brussels sprouts beautifully and tied the dish together really well. I love cauliflower but did not expect a puree to be so well flavoured and so delicious. Brussels sprouts have never been my favourite choice of vegetable, but recently I find myself enjoying them more and more. I really enjoyed them in this dish; simple and delicious.  

With so many delicious sounding sides to choose from, none of us could make up our minds. Our waiter was more than excited to help us narrow down our options and suggested a few of his favourites. Being a mushroom lover, I decided to go with the sautéed wild mushrooms served with a soft poached egg, delicious does not even begin to describe this dish! The mushrooms were tender and flavoured to perfection – Amazing! The soft poached egg was delicious and added a creamy silky texture to this dish. I think I would have enjoyed it just as much without the egg, either way, this dish was perfection.   

My Boss had the same side as me and shared it with another person at our table. My other co-worker opted for the truffle Mac ‘n Cheese and shared some with me. The truffle Mac was out of this world delicious. The noodles were not over cooked nor mushy which was nice as they were able to hold the cheesy truffle sauce really well. The sauce was perfectly balanced and cheesy with the right ratio of truffle flavour, not too much nor too weak. I love truffle Mac ‘N Cheese and have tried many version of the cheesy dish and I can say with confidence; Gordon Ramsay’s is the best I have had to date. I really wish there was a Pub and Grill nearby!

After stuffing our faces with all that food and a few bottles of wine, it was time for dessert. Having screwed up on my scallops, the manager and the waiter insisted on serving us two desserts on the house; they also didn’t charge us for my scallops – excellent service! The first dessert served to us, The Spotted Dog, was recommended by the waiter who insisted this was the best dessert on the menu and of course his favourite. A steamed raisin bread pudding served with a sweet vanilla cream sauce and ice cream arrived at our table and we dug right in. The bread pudding was light, fluffy and super delicious, as was the ice cream and sauce. My only concern with this dish was how sweet it was. I only managed three small bites before I felt myself going into a sugar overload state. I was the only one who felt this way, my boss the sweets lover really like this dish and did not find it to be overly sweet.

The second dessert, sticky toffee pudding served with a sweet cream ice cream, was my boss’ choice. He was really enthusiastic about trying this dish and by his reaction I don’t think it disappointed. In a few short minutes, the entire dish was gone and the plate was licked clean. Our meal came to an end and it was time for more drinks, gambling and some Las Vegas fun for the sixth and final night of my trip – exhausting!  

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  1. I ´m in las vegas, do you remember de name of the waiter?

  2. No I don't, but he was awesome! Had too much wine that night to remember his name ... LOL