Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gordon Biersch - Beers and burgers what more can you ask for?

I work in an industry that is mainly dominated by men and my office is no exception. Yes we are three women in the office and we dominate the office, but within the entire Canadian branch of the company it’s just us three and fifteen men. That’s right we are completely outnumbered – but that doesn’t mean we don’t run the place. When my boss told me I was tagging along to the SEMA show in Vegas, I was thrilled and nervous. Not only would I be the only woman, but I’d be the only woman surrounded by all the male sales representatives from Canada, USA and a few from Spain – lucky me!


The second night of my trip, after our disaster meal at B and B, I met up with all the reps from the US and Canada for some beers and grub. I knew in advance that we were planning on eating at Gordon Biersch so I did my research. I looked up the menu, read some reviews and knew exactly what I was going to have before I even sat down. 

The restaurant on Paradise road is quite large and happening. The waiters and waitresses run around like chickens without their heads with trays of cold delicious beer and decent smelling food. As we sat down, we all ordered beers to start while we glanced over the large menu. Half of the table got their beers, while the other half was informed it would be a few minutes as they completely ran out of glasses... Seriously? We waited about ten more minutes before the rest of the beers finally arrived and then kept waiting each time we asked for refills.


At first I wanted to sample the Kobe beef sliders but quickly changed my mind and decided on a wedge salad. I was served a large wedge of Iceberg lettuce sprinkled with crispy chopped bacon, crumbled blue cheese and drizzled with a deliciously creamy and well balanced blue cheese dressing. The salad was just what I wanted, creamy, rich and blue cheesy goodness. The crispy bacon was a perfect contrast to the soft silky dressing and pungent cheese. I know that this is a simple salad with nothing out of the ordinary, but I still enjoyed it.


A few people at my table ordered the Kobe sliders as their appetizers. Served with crispy fried onions, the three sliders were cute but looked really plain. They were good, the meat was flavourful and tender, I just expected a little more. In my opinion, a slider should have a little something extra for example a fun and exciting sauce or topping. Sadly these sliders were just mini burgers on mini buns – but they were tasty.

As we sat and enjoyed the delicious cold beer, our waitress arrived with our mains. I ordered the black and blue Kobe burger which is served on a brioche style bun, with grilled onions, a mild blue cheese sauce, tomatoes and lettuce. The bun was absolutely delicious and totally unexpected. It held up well to the toppings and juicy 8 oz burger. A burger that size needs a bun that can hold things together, this brioche did just that. The burger itself was cooked to a juicy medium and was bursting with flavour. The grilled onions were the perfect touch and complimented the mild blue cheese sauce really well. Had the onions not been present, I probably would not have noticed the blue cheese – that was the only disappointing part. The burger was called the black and blue, yet I could barely find any blue cheese flavour, I thought the small amount of white sauce on the onions was an herbed mayo until I asked the waitress. Regardless of that flaw, the burger was delicious and truly satisfying.


One of my coworkers had the Kobe cheeseburger which he found to be decent but nothing special. I advised him that he ordered his burger wrong, who orders Kobe beef medium well? I mean you’re just asking for your meal to be ruined. He said the meat was flavourful but a bit overcooked and lacked a lot of flavour – totally the opposite of my burger.

We all sat, ate and drank for what seemed to be an hour, when the waitress came by and informed us that the restaurant was currently closing as their sewers were backing up – Are you serious? Just the thing you want to hear after eating and drinking at the establishment. I had noticed a very rancid smell outside the restaurant when we first walked in, I was told that all of Vegas stunk and to ignore the odour – wrong! We left Gordon Biersch full and satisfied, great beer and decent burgers, what more can you ask for on a boys night out with one chick?


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