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Alexandre et Fils

A few months back my mother invited me to a dinner at Alexandre et Fils. The dinner was a potential “goodbye” dinner for a new co-worker who was potentially being deported back to scary old Baltimore, MD., and who quickly became my new favourite dining partner and friend. We sat down in a slightly run down looking restaurant and I was reassured by a fellow diner that this place was in fact a great restaurant – even though air conditioning consisted of a large fan near a window (HELP)!  

I glanced over the menu and sipped my glass of water and could not decide what to have.  I finally decided on the escargots to start followed by the beef tartare.  The escargots were absolutely delicious and perfectly cooked.  The delicate yet vibrant flavour of the garlic drowned in the delicious butter was so yummy that it insisted on being mopped up with a few delicious pieces of bread – a perfect start. 

The “deportee” of honour started her meal perfectly as well with the warm goat cheese salad. Cr…

W&G - The Re-Launch

Food has always played a huge part in my life.  I started cooking at a very young age and my friends and I have always been lovers of going out to eat as often as we possibly can.  Even back in our high school days, my friends and I always went out for dinners, Wienstein and Gavino's was always on our list.  My fondest memory of eating at Wienstein's was one beautiful Friday night, at the end of the hockey season, eating on the front terrace with the Habs.  That's right, Saku Koivu, Mike Komisarek, Andrei Markov and all the rest of them - best night of my life!

Last week I received an email invitation from the Tracey Brooke PR firm, inviting me to the launch of Wienstein and Gavino's new menu by their new Italian Chef Giuseppe Sacchetti.  I immediately replied yes and couldn't wait to try what the new menu has to offer.  I never really loved Wienstein's food, except for their Caprina pizza, delicioso, but I was excited to see what their new menu would have to of…

Atame : The Opening

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to the media opening of a new aphrodisiac concept restaurant, Atame.  The craze of the "Fifty Shade of Grey" books has influenced many to capitalize on the many gimmicks that can be associated with the BDSM lifestyle - Atame is no exception.  I am in no way saying that Atame has a BDSM vibe to it, but the theme felt as though it was loosely based on the best selling and widely popular books.  

We arrived at around 6:15pm to a crowded entrance and a chaotic line up for the bar.  My guest and I were quickly greeted by the beautiful Tracey Brooke PR girls who offered us the option of being seated at our table and having our cocktails served to us rather than waiting in a disaster of a line up.  We chose to be seated and graciously waited for our waiter to offer us drinks.  Looking around the restaurant, I couldn't help but feel as though the decor did not fit the theme of the restaurant.  I found the decor to be eleg…

Montreal's 5th Oysterfest!!

Montreal is a fun lively city and is known for the Habs, delicious food, all the fun summer festivals and of course, poutine.  One of the summers best festivals in my opinion has got to be Oysterfest.  An annual food and of course oyster festival that just celebrated their 5th year benefiting the Open Pier Foundation.  This year's event was bigger than any previous year and really was a fun day for all.  Many different restaurants and bars set up their booths at the beautiful Terrasses Bonsecours in the Old Port of Montreal and served up their unique and delicious food.    

My first stop was the Imadake Izakaya booth.  I have eaten at Imadake before and loved their food and energetic vibe, so naturally I couldn't wait to try what they were serving up.  I ordered my plate of mackerel sashimi, octopus balls and crispy pork belly wrapped around an asparagus spear, and waited patiently for my grub.  My sister and I each grabbed an octopus ball and dug right into the deliciously cri…