Thursday, September 19, 2013

Food Truck Feats: Bouffons Montreal part 2

After my first visit to Bouffons Montreal, I couldn't wait to head back and try a bunch of other trucks.  This time I was ready, I knew what I wanted and managed to try all the trucks I had planned on.    Before this visit to Bouffons Montreal, I had the opportunity to try P.A. & Garganuta - the grilled cheese truck.  What makes P.A. & Gargantua stand out amongst other grilled cheese trucks, is their commitment to using gourmet ingredients and their smoked butter.  I myself couldn't wait to try their bacon grilled cheese, they use their own thick cut bacon, not store bought - this I had to try.  As I ordered a classic and a bacon, for myself and a friend to share, my mouth began watering, sadly when I took my first bite, I knew that it was not for me.   I am a huge cheese lover, however I found their combination was far from appetizing , in fact I actually felt nauseous eating it.   The thick cut bacon inside was chewy and really hard to eat.  I couldn't manage to bite through it - truly disappointing.   I planned on trying them again at this visit to Bouffons Montreal, but as I passed their truck, the horrors of my first experience, kept me walking.  

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As my friends and I walked through the food truck lined streets, we stopped at Tuk Tuk to try some Thai treats.   We ordered the Chicken Pad Thai, grabbed two forks and chop-sticks and dug right in.  I liked the dish, but it wasn't anything special.  The noodles were properly cooked and flavoured, but we all agreed that something was missing - we just couldn't put our hands on it.  The chicken wasn't dry or over cooked, but it too was lacking flavour.  We tossed the peanuts in and drizzled the fresh lime on it to, still found it to be missing something - something that could make this dish amazing in my opinion.   Tuk Tuk on Urbanspoon

Next truck that caught my eye was Lucky's Truck.  I had heard about their duck confit poutine and was really excited to try it.  This poutine is made up of shoestring cut french fries fried to a crispy perfection, deliciously flavourful duck confit, a foie gras red wine sauce, balsamic glazed caramelized onions and deliciously squeaky cheese curds -  unbelievable.  I couldn't wait to dig into this outrageous poutine, and boy did it not disappoint.  All the different components to this dish complimented each other perfectly creating one of the most tasty poutines I have ever had - totally in the same category as PDC's foie gras poutine!  I was a little selfish and wouldn't share this with either of my friends, probably one of the only times I didn't want to share... Sorry it was really that good and I really needed to eat every last bite!

As I was sitting enjoying my poutine and beer, on of my friends showed up with a pulled beef sandwich from Diablos BBQ.  At first glance this monster of a sandwich looked unreal and I couldn't wait to bite into that pretzel bun - never judge a book by its cover, right?  As I bit into this delicious looking sandwich, my mind changed instantly - yuck!  The only thought I could think of was what is this terrible sandwich?  The flavour was bad, meat was dry and really disappointing.  None of us really enjoyed this sandwich, and left it to dry up in the sun.  The meat tasted as though it had been baked in the oven, tossed on the grill for a smokey flavour and doused in a non-appetizing BBQ sauce- sorry but we really aren't fans!  

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As we tossed the pulled beef, we headed over to the Meatball Truck and ordered up some of their tasty looking balls.  The meatballs were served in a bowl with two slices of baguette and Parmesan cheese.  Serving it in a bowl made it much easier to eat on the go and less risk of dropping or spilling the delicious meatballs all over yourself and the floor - brilliant idea!  They were tender and soft, not too dense, and packed with flavour.   I can honestly say that my friend and I , really enjoyed this meal. 

Next it was time for something sweet -a doughnut maybe?   We headed over to PDC food truck and ordered up a strawberry filled jelly doughnut - Amazing!  Fuffly, melt in your mouth dough with a warm sweet strawberry jelly and Chantilly cream filling makes for one hell of a treat.  We ate this doughnut up in seconds, leaving behind only a trace of powdered sugar all over our fingers, mouth and nose - delish!
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We really enjoyed our trips to Bouffons Montreal this year.  Trying all the food trucks was a lot of fun and very filling, but for some reason I felt disappointed.  I don't know if I was expecting way too much and that left an opening for disappointment, but I felt the food served should have been better.  Maybe it's "Eat Street's" fault, but I couldn't help but think that this food is not yet up to par with other cities food trucks.  

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