Sunday, September 1, 2013

Food Truck feasts: Bouffons Monteal

The Just for Laughs festival here in Montreal is always a great festival and keeps our city busy.  This year I was actually in town for it, not that I went to any shows, but I did have a chance or two or three to check out the food part of the festival, "Bouffons Montreal."  

Between de Maisonneuve, Balmoral, Mayor and Bleurry, food trucks, wagons and carts (and even a hearse)  lined the street creating a sort of food village.  At first sight I was totally intimidated and didn't know where to begin.  we decided to walk around and do the full tour once before deciding where to start - that did not work one bit!  As soon as I turned the corner, I noticed the Dim Sum truck and it was totally calling my name.  We chose one of their three piece options; Har Gow, Su Mai and sesame ball.  The Har Gow was chewy and a bit on the fishy side, really disappointing.  The Su Mai on the other hand was just delicious.  Very flavourful and not greasy, exactly how I like them.  The sesame ball was good too, chewy, sweet and yummy.  

As we continued walking, I noticed one truck I was dying to go to, Lucille's.  Lucille's Dive Bar has been a favourite of mine for years, so naturally I couldn't wait to try their food truck.  I ordered the lobster rolls while my Mother ordered us some beers from the conveniently placed SAQ bar.  As I bit into my lobster roll I was immediately surprised at the lack of flavour and chewy texture.  I know Lucille's always uses fresh lobster and fish, so it really surprised me to find the lobster meat had a pink tinge hinting to me that it had been previously frozen.  I cannot say for certain that the lobster rolls are made with frozen lobster meat, but at my old catering gig, they used this frozen lobster that looked identical and had the same watery taste.  As my mother tried it, she too had the exact same reaction - really disappointing!  
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We moved on from Lucille's and kept walking until we found ourselves in front of Chaud Dog - the artisanal hot dog truck.  We scanned the menu and decided on the green papaya salad Chaud dog, and boy were we ecstatic at first bite.  I love green papaya salad and when prepared properly, it is one of the most refreshing and delicious salads ever.  Added to a delicious hot dog and you got yourself a really tasty treat.  The hot dogs at Chaud Dog are very flavourful and the perfect texture - we truly enjoyed each bite. 

As I finished up my hot dog, I turned around and spotted my dream - PDC food truck!  Pied de Cochon (PDC) the famous Montreal hot spot and one of the best restaurants in our fair city has brought their delicious treats to the streets.  As a rule, my Mother and I decided to try one dish from as many trucks as we could manage, Foie Gras poutine was our choice at PDC.  We placed our order paid and anxiously waited for about 5 minutes.  Served in an adorable circular wooden box with a wooden spork (spoon-fork), this poutine was not only amazing but creatively and beautifully presented.  

 I grabbed our poutine and we headed to find a seat, and another beer.  As we walked, I couldn't help but open the little box and stuff a huge bite into my mouth - O.M.G.!!!!!  I literally have no words to describe the flavours, but I will try my best.  The fries were crispy and held up to the deliciously rich and flavourful sauce.  As I passed the poutine to my Mother, she too stuffed a bite into her mouth except she also stuffed an extremely large piece of foie gras in there as well - she loved it, I almost cried!  Has she ever heard of sharing??  Hello, she is the mom, she taught me how to share!  Needless to say there was plenty more for me to sample.   The foie gras was rich, silky and heavenly, what more can I say except TRY THIS POUTINE!!!  The crispy fries and creamy foie gras complimented each other perfectly, not only in taste but in texture too.  Really I can go on forever, but I will cut it short and leave it at this, if you love poutine then you've got to try this one, and if you don't, the PDC poutine will convert you.         
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After sitting for about an hour, ok more like fifteen minutes, I finally had room for more food - Route 27 was up next.  I ordered my tuna tartare taco and waited, and waited and waited.  Four peolpe who ordered after me were served before anyone even acknowledge me standing there.  I didn't say anything on purpose as I wanted to see how long it would take before someone noticed me standing by the counter.  Finally what felt like ages later, I was acknowledge and served my tuna taco.   The soft tortilla was fresh and delicious.  The tuna tartare was seasoned well and I loved the mango and cilantro flavours with the tartare. 
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Then it was time for dessert.  On such a hot day there was only one option, Ice Cream!  Donuts and other treats would have to wait until next visit, this time I wanted vanilla ice cream sunday with caramel sauce, pretzels and peanuts from M. Crémeux.  The ice cream was cold, soft and very creamy, not as vanilla flavoured as I would have thought, but really delicious.  The caramel pretzel and peanut sauce was over top top - so sweet and yet so delicious.   After about ten bites I couldn't take the sweetness anymore but I still enjoyed every bite I ate.          

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