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Food Truck Feats: Bouffons Montreal part 2

After my first visit to Bouffons Montreal, I couldn't wait to head back and try a bunch of other trucks.  This time I was ready, I knew what I wanted and managed to try all the trucks I had planned on.    Before this visit to Bouffons Montreal, I had the opportunity to try P.A. & Garganuta - the grilled cheese truck.  What makes P.A. & Gargantua stand out amongst other grilled cheese trucks, is their commitment to using gourmet ingredients and their smoked butter.  I myself couldn't wait to try their bacon grilled cheese, they use their own thick cut bacon, not store bought - this I had to try.  As I ordered a classic and a bacon, for myself and a friend to share, my mouth began watering, sadly when I took my first bite, I knew that it was not for me.   I am a huge cheese lover, however I found their combination was far from appetizing , in fact I actually felt nauseous eating it.   The thick cut bacon inside was chewy and really hard to eat.  I couldn't manage to …

Food Truck feasts: Bouffons Monteal

The Just for Laughs festival here in Montreal is always a great festival and keeps our city busy.  This year I was actually in town for it, not that I went to any shows, but I did have a chance or two or three to check out the food part of the festival, "Bouffons Montreal."  

Between de Maisonneuve, Balmoral, Mayor and Bleurry, food trucks, wagons and carts (and even a hearse)  lined the street creating a sort of food village.  At first sight I was totally intimidated and didn't know where to begin.  we decided to walk around and do the full tour once before deciding where to start - that did not work one bit!  As soon as I turned the corner, I noticed the Dim Sum truck and it was totally calling my name.  We chose one of their three piece options; Har Gow, Su Mai and sesame ball.  The Har Gow was chewy and a bit on the fishy side, really disappointing.  The Su Mai on the other hand was just delicious.  Very flavourful and not greasy, exactly how I like them.  The sesame …