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Passing through the downtown core, I have noticed once or twice a trendy little spot across from the Bell Center.  Decca77 has been around for awhile, but I never thought of or had the chance to pass by and try it out.  About a week ago I was invited to sample their menu and try out what their new chef Jean-Sébastien Giguère, a former member of the staff at Toqué! has to offer.   I gladly accepted the generous invitation and boy was I not disappointed.  I have to say, this was the first  time I had ever gone to a restaurant or been invited to try a menu and not had a single complaint - seriously did not expect this!  

Arriving a little early for our reservations Christophe, the general manager, graciously sat us at a table in their "in-between" section and offered us a bottle of champs (champagne for those not into my crazy lingo).  Let me start by explaining that there are two menus and two sides to Decca77.  They offer a Brasserie menu, using the same high quality ingredien…

Kam Shing - Still satisfying

Chinese cuisine has always been a very important part of mine and my family's eating habits.  Friday night dinners, even driving up to the country, we almost always stopped at an Asian restaurant - buffets included.  Some of my fondest memories as a child are from eating at Sue Wong's restaurant in Ste. Agathe-des-Monts - I wouldn't recommend trying it now though!  So on this warm Thursday evening when my Dad called asked me to join him, my mother and sister for some delicious and greasy Chinese food, my answer was hell yeah!

We decided on Kam Shing on Cote des Neiges and headed over to stuff our cute faces with some yummy food.  As always, or at least everytime I have been there, the restaurant was half empty and smelled so freaking good.  I always enjoy my meals at Kam Shing, not the best but very good, and couldn't remember why I hadn't been back in a while.

We all had cravings for different dishes that night and compromised on; crispy roasted duck, young chow ric…

Dim Sum - A re-visit to Tong Por

Every Sunday morning, I wake up craving Dim sum. Sometimes I get my wish and sometimes I have to settle for a regular brunch or boring breakfast.   Last Sunday I woke up a little late and decided to give my Mother a call too see if she would sneak away with me for some yummy Dim Sum.  As soon as the words left my mouth, she was on her way out the door to meet me.  Last second, we decided to ask my Father to join as well, he would have been jealous and it's the only nice thing to do - especially since he was with my Mom when I asked her to join me.  

We arrived at Tong Por at around 1 pm to a full restaurant and parking lot.   We told the hostess that we needed a table for three and she asked us to grab a seat and wait a while.  After about fifteen minutes, we were asked if we would share a large table with another couple so that we wouldn't have to wait.  We said we would and we were quickly seated at a large ten person table with another quiet couple - I know a little weird bu…

L'Atelier D'Argentine

As a meat lover, any cuisine involving grilled delicious meats is one I approve of.  Argentinian, Brazilian, Greek and Portuguese are just a few types of cuisines whose grilling styles I really enjoy, so when I was invited to meet Chef Natalia at L'Atelier d'Argentine, I jumped at the opportunity.  

I love Old Montreal, but parking is such a pain.  We had 7:15pm reservations on a Wednesday night and it only took 45 minutes to find a parking spot - kill me please!  As we were seated, I noticed how uncomfortable the seating was.  We had a corner table with one chair, a one-person beach couch and one short chair-stool.  I really like the decor of the restaurant but couldn't understand why the designer had chosen such uncomfortable seating.  Each chair only had one arm-rest, you kind of had to lean to one side to be comfortable - a bit weird to say the least.  The staff are very attentive and we were immediately offered a cocktail.  I decided to try the strawberry caipirinha, m…