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For the past year I have been wanting to pay Kitchenette on Rene-Levesque a visit.  My friends have all been and all I kept hearing was how amazing the food is and how I have to go and try it for myself.  I mean my best friend is a regular, she walks in and everyone knows who she is, I was jealous she was embarrassed - go figure!  On a wet and cold Saturday night after I finished catering a sweet 16, I picked up my best friend and we headed downtown and a little east to feast on some delicious grub, and maybe have a drink or two.

Beach Style Nachos

Beach style nachos

Parking near the restaurant is a bit of a pain in the tush, OK it's more than a pain.  I made sure we had plenty of time to circle for parking but we still had to call and inform the restaurant that parking was a disaster and we would be there shortly.  After 25 minutes of circling, we finally found a spot - ten blocks away!  As we trekked through the freezing rain, I couldn't wait to sit down, order a stiff drink and eat till I explode or fall into a food-coma - and I did just that.  We entered the open concept restaurant, grabbed a seat and quickly ordered two bourbon lemonades, OK not as stiff a drink as I thought I was going to order but it hit the spot and was refreshing and delicious.  

Beach Style Nachos

Beach Style Nachos

Having been to Kitchenette more than a few times, especially in the past few weeks, our waiter immediately knew what my best friend was going to order as an appetizer - the Albacore tartare "beach style" nachos.  A plate arrived with 5 homemade tortilla chips topped with a delicious light and fresh Albacore tartare - Genius and outstanding.  Topped with chunks of avocado and fresh herbs, Kitchenette's take on the " beach style" nacho is one that I can't wait to eat again.  And a must for any tuna tartar lover. 

Maryland style crab cakes

I of course ordered the Maryland style crab cakes garnished with a home-style ranch sauce to start - fantastic.   The crispy, not greasy, fried crab cakes were made from large chunks of tender delicious crab meat.  Unlike other versions of this popular dish, at Kitchenette the crab cakes are not over-taken by fillers, just lots of delicious chunks of crab.  The ranch sauce served with the crab cakes was light and complimented the delicious crab perfectly.  I really enjoyed this dish.

Lobster and shaved truffle pizza

As our appetizers were cleared away, our mains arrived.  I had the Lobster pizza with shaved truffles - I know cheese and lobster?  Trust me it was absolutely divine.  The fluffy and crisp pizza dough was lightly sprinkled with very flavourful cheese and topped with delicious and not overcooked lobster meat.  The generous yet cautious serving of truffle shavings complimented the lobster meat and provided the right touch to finish this dish.  I was very impressed and would order this again in a heart beat.  

Lobster and shaved truffle pizza

My friend had the fried chicken thighs served with sweet mashed potatoes and peas in a deliciously sweet, not too sweet, sauce.  The chicken thighs were crispy, perfectly breaded and fried just right - not dripping in grease.  The sweet sauce was a nice touch to the chicken, kind of like honey with your chicken nuggets.  My friend who normally only eats white meat chicken really enjoyed this dish, actually she more than enjoyed and ate every last bite - OK I helped a little too.  

Fried chicken with sweet mashed potatoes, mushrooms and peas

After eating every last bite on our plates, we were offered dessert.  Sadly we both declined as we were way too full and tired after our meal.  We paid our bills and slowly made our way back home.  Even as full as I was, I kept thinking to myself what I would have next time I visited the restaurant - a tell-tale sign that I really enjoyed my dinner.  

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