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For the past year I have been wanting to pay Kitchenette on Rene-Levesque a visit.  My friends have all been and all I kept hearing was how amazing the food is and how I have to go and try it for myself.  I mean my best friend is a regular, she walks in and everyone knows who she is, I was jealous she was embarrassed - go figure!  On a wet and cold Saturday night after I finished catering a sweet 16, I picked up my best friend and we headed downtown and a little east to feast on some delicious grub, and maybe have a drink or two.

Beach Style Nachos

Beach style nachos
Parking near the restaurant is a bit of a pain in the tush, OK it's more than a pain.  I made sure we had plenty of time to circle for parking but we still had to call and inform the restaurant that parking was a disaster and we would be there shortly.  After 25 minutes of circling, we finally found a spot - ten blocks away!  As we trekked through the freezing rain, I couldn't wait to sit down, order a stiff drink an…