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Boris Bistro

For my 29th birthday this year I wanted to go somewhere special and have a really delicious meal. I started by making a list of all the restaurants I had been dying to go to, then asked all my twitter followers for their suggestions.  In the end, I decided on Boris Bistro even though it wasn't on my list nor recommended by anyone on Twitter.  I came across Boris Bistro on and read their menu.  At first glance I knew this was where I wanted to go.  

We arrived on a Saturday night a little early for our reservation, I am always on time, and we're told it would be a few minutes until our table was ready.  Literally five minutes later we were being seated on their beautiful terrace - truly one of the nicest terraces in Montreal.  The restaurant was functioning at capacity and our waiter was extremely busy, however he found the time to answer any/all questions we had and truly made our dinner extra special.  

We began our night by ordering a large pitcher of red sangria, recommended by our waiter, and an order of their french fries fried in duck fat - delicious!! The fries were crispy and very falvourful, the aioli served with the fries was delicious too.  They were so good that we had to get another order.  

Three of us, myself included, ordered the old fashion cream of tomato soup as an appetizer - best decision ever!  The soup was silky, creamy and very flavourful.  Served with a few delicous and crispy croutons, this soup alone will make me return to Boris Bistro.  My only complaint is that I would have like the delicious chunks of tomato to be a bit smaller, but really I didn't care that much as the taste was more than I could have ever imagined.  Truly one of the best cream of tomato soups I have ever had, and a must have for any tomato soup lover.  

 We were six people at our table and we almost all ordered the same meals.  As our waiter recommended, I had the salmon and tuna tartar as my main, so did my best friend.  The salmon tartar was absolutely phenomenal.  Creamy with a touch of dill and a deliciously spicy after taste.  I would definitely recommend this dish to any tartar lover.  The red tuna tartar was also delicious, yet even though I normally enjoy tuna tartar much more than salmon, this night the salmon definitely out shone the tuna.  The tuna tartar had sunflower seeds, cilantro and a bunch of other delicious flavours. 

A couple of friends ordered the beef tenderloin and soya reduction served with mashed sweet potatoes and lightly sautéed fresh spinach.  The beef was cooked to a perfect medium, tender and absolutely perfect, and the soya reduction was the perfect compliment.  The sweet potato puree was creamy and very tasty, but the spinach was "magnifique."  The lightly sautéed garlic flavour the spinach had was just perfect, it did not take away from the rest of the dish nor over power any other flavours present - simple yet delicious. 

The last dish ordered by my fellow diners was the seared red tuna served Boris style.  The thick piece of seared red tuna was served rare with asparagus and a rich creamy sauce.  To be honest, I was too enthralled with my food that I completely forgot to try this dish, but my friends informed me that they loved the dish and would definitely order it again.  The only complaint I heard was the size of the dish, the tuna was a bit on the small side. 


As we finished our meals and drank up all the sangria left, a few of us decided on sharing a cheese platter before digging into a chocolaty dessert.  Having worked next to a cheese shop for years, and being a complete cheese addict, I have tried almost every type of cheese available in Quebec.  I have even been invited to a 7 course cheese tasting dinner by my cheese supplier - best dinner ever!  So when I glanced over the cheese options I knew immediately what I wanted - Le Cendrillon.  Le Cendrillon is one of my all-time favourtie cheeses, a semi-firm goat cheese with an ash exterior jam packed with flavour.  My fellow non-cheese loving diners were not the happiest when the cheese arrived as its pungent smell can be very painful to the nose.  I myself believe the stinkier the cheese the better - don't you agree? 

As I finished off the cheese plate, a delicious chocolate marquise with a salted caramel sauce was served with a sparkler right in the center - I love sparklers.  As I dug into the sweet chocolate ganache and the salted caramel sauce, I was transported into heaven.  It was very decadent and oh so delicious.  

They offer this desert in two sizes, a small tasting size and a larger more substantial size.  Trust me when I say that the small tasting size is more than enough!  The dessert is very rich and I thought the few bites was more than enough to satisfy any sweet craving.  

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