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Maestro S.V.P

Mussels, clams, lobster, oysters, crab (etc...) you name it and I am sure I love it - just not the canned type!  I tend to cook a lot of seafood rather than go out for it as many of my friends don't really enjoy these critters, or they claim to be "kosher." Seriously, what is wrong with people?  Prepared properly, seafood has to be the most flavourful and delicious meal ever - well that's definitely my opinion.  A few weeks before Mother's day this year, I asked my Mother where she would like to go for dinner.  Knowing that my Mom loves trying new things, and loves seafood as much as I do, I knew she would come up with a great idea for dinner.   As an oyster "virgin," my Mom asked if we could go and try some oysters, I knew immediately where we should go - Maestro S.V.P!  Where else in Montreal are you going to get a a wide variety of fresh, and delicious oysters? Ok so there are a few other places, but Maestro S.V.P seemed the perfect fit for Mother…

Boris Bistro

For my 29th birthday this year I wanted to go somewhere special and have a really delicious meal. I started by making a list of all the restaurants I had been dying to go to, then asked all my twitter followers for their suggestions.  In the end, I decided on Boris Bistro even though it wasn't on my list nor recommended by anyone on Twitter.  I came across Boris Bistro on and read their menu.  At first glance I knew this was where I wanted to go.  

We arrived on a Saturday night a little early for our reservation, I am always on time, and we're told it would be a few minutes until our table was ready.  Literally five minutes later we were being seated on their beautiful terrace - truly one of the nicest terraces in Montreal.  The restaurant was functioning at capacity and our waiter was extremely busy, however he found the time to answer any/all questions we had and truly made our dinner extra special.  

We began our night by ordering a large pitcher of red sangri…

Allo Mon Coco - Just another breakfast place

On a warm Sunday morning a couple of friends and I decided to go for brunch.  I wanted Beauty's or Le Gros Jambon, they all wanted Allo Mon Coco.  Needless to say I lost the battle and headed over to meet them at the new West Island location.  Set in the Mega-Plex behind Bar B Barn's, Allo Mon Coco's newest location is beautiful, modern and ginormous.  Even with it's size, the line-up was at least a twenty minute wait.  In my mind Beauty's is the only breakfast spot I will wait that long for, or Au Petit Poucet in Val-David.  

After waiting for approximately twenty minutes, we were told our table is ready and that it will be just a few moments as they were clearing it for us .  The few minutes came and went, many others were seated and we kept on waiting - really annoying!  The hostess offered no explanation and then asked us if we would like a booth.  We finally got our table about ten minutes later - yes I waited close to thirty minutes!  

We sat down at our table …