Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jing Hua: Dim Sum heaven

On a beautiful and sunny Wednesday morning, my Father called me and asked I would like to join him and his good friend for Dim Sum.  My response - Ummm hell yeah, did you really have to ask?  Seriously though, who wouldn't want to be taken for Dim Sum mid week?  I would never say no!  My Dad and his buddy are lovers of Asian cuisine, as am I, and his friend knows all the best spots, so knowing that Jing Hua was one of his go-to Dim Sum joints I knew I was in for a great meal.  

I met my Dad at 12:15 pm and we set off to the south shore to meet our dining partner.  We arrived at our location, a small hidden away Chinese restaurant at the back corner of a shopping center on Taschereau Blvd.  First thought I had was it must be good as the large parking lot was completely full - we managed to find one of the last spots.   Walking into the small restaurant filled with many tables, I immediately noticed that we were the only Caucasians there - second sign that this was going to be an excellent meal.  

We got a table right away, well actually my Dad's friend arrived first and was sitting at a table patiently waiting for us to arrive.  As we sat down, the carts began rolling along bringing delicious dumplings and other Asian yummies to each table.  The first cart to arrive at our table offered Har Gow, shrimp dumplings, cha siu cheong pork wrapped in a long rice noodle, feng zhao chicken feet (first time I tried them and really liked them) and Dai gee gow which are scallop, shrimp and pork dumplings.  

The Har gow dumplings were excellent.  The rice noodle dumpling was filled with yummy shrimp and flavoured just right.  The wrapper was properly cooked, not overcooked and did not have an overly sticky gummy texture - best har gow I have had to date.  

Cha siu cheong is one of my favourite Dim Sum dishes ever.  I think it's the simplicity of the dish that I love so much - pork wrapped in a rice noodle doesn't get more simple or delicious then that.  The pork is flavoured with green onions (scallions) and cilantro, then wrapped in a rice noodle and served with a soy sauce - the most perfect dim sum dish.  This dish comes in other variations too; shrimp filled, beef filled or even sometimes plain - the pork one is my new favourite! 

Feng zhao, or chicken feet, is one of my mother and sister's favourtie dish to order at Dim Sum, I myself have never tried them before this lunch at Jing Hua.  My Dad's buddy really likes them so we ordered them and I and my father both decided it was time to give these odd looking things a try.  They were quite tasty, however for some reason I thought there would be more spice and flavour.  I enjoyed them but found them to be a bit bland.  This was the consensus at our table.

Pork and shrimp dumplings happen to be my favourite, but when you wrap them in a rice wrapper and add some scallops, it brings the tasty little treats to a whole new level.  Dai gee gow dumplings are usually delicious, sometimes a bit greasy on the inside, but truly delicious.  I found the dai gee gows at Jing Hua to be just that - Delicious.  The flavour was so much more intense and better than any other I have ever eaten.  We all agreed that the dumplings were out of this world amazing - truly one of the best I have ever had to date. 

While we inhaled all those dumplings, cart after cart after cart stopped at our table.  We decided on fried squid, Bau - steamed sweet buns, sauteed eggplants with shrimp, sui mai pork dumplings, Lo mei gai - sticky rice wrapped in a lotus leaf and Teo chew which are pork and peanut dumplings.  

The fried squid was cooked perfectly.  Crispy, not greasy and very tender.  My one complaint was that the squid was a bit too salty.  I was not the only one to notice this, however it did not stop us from devouring the entire dish.  I noticed that at Jing Hua they serve their fried squid with chili sauce. not a mayonnaise like other Dim Sum places do.


The Steamed buns had a coconut flavoured filling and was truly scrumptious.  The soft steamed bun was just right and the filling was even better.  If your a coconut lover like me you will definitely enjoy these tasty treats.  They offer these steamed buns in other variations such as pork, plain and my all-time fave a sweet bean paste - yumm.

The sauteed eggplant and shrimp also comes in a green pepper version, I prefer the eggplant as green peppers aren't my favourite.  The dish is a bit messy and doesn't really stay together, however the flavours make up for the mess.  The eggplant was tender and flavoured oh so perfectly.  The shrimp topping was also very well flavoured - really delicious.  

The Sui Mai dumplings at Jing Hua were absolutely amazing.  Perfectly tender pork wrapped in dumpling wrappers and steamed to perfection has to be on of the best dishes ever.  

The last dishes we ordered were sticky rice and peanut and pork dumplings.  The rice was good, sticky and very flavourful, nothing out of the ordinary - just good sticky rice.  The peanut dumplings however were excellent.  It was my first time trying these little treats and I really enjoyed them.  I do not have any others to compare them to but I have to say I definitely will be ordering these again.

We finished every last bite, had our bill tallied and left the restaurant full and satisfied.  I always leave Dim Sum satisfied, however sometimes I get the full of grease yucky feeling, this was not the case after leaving Jing Hua.  I did not feel as though I consumed ten pounds of grease and lard, I felt full yet completely satisfied and wanting more.  Looks like this Sunday I will be heading back over the Champlain bridge for some more treats at Jing Hua. 


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  1. I'm actually surprised that you like Jing Hua... I personally think there are better dim dum restaurants out there.

  2. I had a great meal there! I was surprised too actually! I love a bunch of other places but my last meal at Jing Hua was actually really great!