Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bevo Bar and Pizzeria: A blogaversary to remember

About a month back I realized that my first "blogaversary" was coming up.  I couldn't believe that I had been blogging for a whole year already and decided that a celebration was in order.  First thought that came to my mind was I have to do dinner at Bevo Bar and Pizzeria.  I had been dying to try Bevo for months and decided that it would be the perfect place for my special occasion.  Quickly I made a reservation on OpenTable, created a Facebook event and invited everyone and anyone who wanted to celebrate.  All that was left to do was wait.

Two weeks later, the day had finally arrived and I couldn't wait for dinner time.  A couple of people had to cancel last minute, so instead of leaving the restaurant hanging, I called ahead and informed them that we would be two people short.  It's only the proper thing to do!  The hostess thanked me repeatedly for calling to inform them, the night was off to a great start.  We arrived promptly at 7:30 pm and were seated immediately, actually I arrived at 7:30 pm but some of my guests made it a few minutes before me.   We all ordered drinks to start; beers, blood orange cosmopolitans and of course Gin and tonic with lime.  Our drinks arrived fairly quickly and we began scanning through the menu.  I knew I wanted to try a little of everything as I had heard that their braised veal poutine is not to be missed and I also wanted pizza and to try their pasta.  I know my eyes are always bigger that my stomach, but I got my wish this time.  

We began by ordering calamari fritti for the entire table, I wanted three other appetizers, but decided to let my guests decide on the apps.  The golden fried little circles of calamari goodness arrived fairly quickly and we dug right in.  Served with their home made, and might I add delicious tomato sauce and slices of lemon, the calamari hit the spot.  I must say it is not the best calamari that I have ever had, however it was delicious and we all enjoyed it.  The tender rings were lightly battered and fried to a beautiful golden colour.  They were flavourful, tender, crispy and thankfully not greasy.  

One of my fellow dining partners was also having a hard time deciding what to have, so we decided to share.  We ordered the braised veal poutine and the Parma in Bianco pizza; prosciutto, fresh arugula and reggiano cheese - to die for!  My fellow diners ordered a variety of dishes; pasta carbonara, pasta vongole (linguini in a white wine, garlic and clam sauce), pizza giardino (their version of a vegetarian pizza) and petto di pollo (chicken in a herb, white wine and lemon sauce.  

The braised veal poutine was a hit all around.  The beautifully tender and well flavoured veal was a perfect compliment to the crispy fries, veal au jus sauce and the gooey melted cheese - loved by all at the table.  One word came to mind while eating the poutine - fantastic!  This dish was so good I could have ordered another and almost did, but at the last minute we decided to save room for a nutella pizza.  

The Parma di Bianco pizza was out of this world.  I am a huge lover of prosciutto and could not have ordered a better pizza.  The crispy wood fired and delicious dough was a perfect base and had a generous portion of reggiano cheese, fresh baby arugula and thinly sliced prosciutto - truly an exceptional pizza.  I will definitely be ordering it again soon.  

The Giardino pizza had the same delicious wood fired crust, delicious tomato sauce but it wasn't as good and well enjoyed as the Parma di Bianco. 

The pasta vongole on the other hand was a big hit at our table.  The linguini was properly cooked, not mushy and the sauce was really delicious.  We all tried it and everyone at the table agreed that this pasta was well executed, flavoured nicely and not over powered by the clams.  Not one complaint on this dish.  

 The carbonara was a hit too.  The sauce was great, creamy and flavoured properly and the spaghetti was cooked just right.  

The Petto di Pollo was even better than expected.  I suggested that my sister order it and after her first bite, she was more than thrilled that she did.  The beautiful darkly grilled chicken leg was served with a lemon and white win sauce that was out of this world.  Perfectly flavoured and balanced, the sauce really shone through as the star of the dish.  The chicken was accompanied by a selection of peppers, asparagus and spinach, drizzled in the delicious lemon and white wine sauce.  I thought this dish to be truly delightful. 

We all finished our meals and sat around discussing how truly delicious everything was.  Now all we had left to do was to order and eat a nutella pizza.  As our waitress cleared our table, we asked her how many nutella pizza's we needed to satisfy all of our sweet tooth cravings.  She told us that one would be more than enough, and boy was she right.  A beautiful nutella pizza arrived at our table sliced in eight individual slices and topped with deliciously sweet confectioner's sugar.  This pizza was over the top, I mean it was completely dripping in delicious nutella and powdered sugar - what could be better? We each grabbed a slice and inhaled every last drop of the delicious dessert pizza - a must have!  I know it's simple and can be remade at home with such ease, but Kudos to Bevo for serving it and really producing a delicious dessert.  

We all had a great evening celebrating at Bevo; the service was on point, food was delicious and the atmosphere was fun and energetic.  Cannot wait till my next visit.

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