Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sushi Samba: a delicious but expensive treat!

On my quest to try sushi in every city I visit, I found myself at Sushi Samba in Miami at Lincoln Road Mall.  I have always heard great things about this expensive sushi place, but never had an opportunity to eat there until this past trip to Miami.  

The location is absolutely perfect, right in the heart of the beautiful out door shopping of Lincoln Road Mall, perfect for an after shopping snack/meal.  After a full day of shopping, my little sister and I decided it was time for a snack before heading home for happy hour - Drinks!!!  The restaurant was pretty quiet, only about 5 other tables besides us, so we decided that on such a beautiful Miami day we should enjoy our sushi people watching outside on their terrace.  The waiters and waitresses at Sushi samba are all very attractive, polite and super friendly; we felt welcome and comfortable instantly. Glancing over the menu, I decided immediately what we were going to have; Ebi (shrimp) tempura (it's my sisters favourite), spicy tuna and sweet potato sushi, remember it was only a snack not a full meal.  Our waiter suggested we have the special spicy tuna as it has more than just tuna, so we did and we were very glad we listened to his suggestion.

The special spicy tuna had tempura, spicy sauce, tuna and sliced raw fish on the outside; absolutely the best sushi roll I have had to date.  The spicy sauce was spicy yet balanced really well as not to take away or over power the fresh taste of the tuna and the contrast in textures was perfect.  A must have for any tuna lover, totally worth the $12!    

The Ebi or shrimp tempura was also delicious.  Nori and rice wrapped around plump juicy deep fried tempura battered shrimp - delish!  The shrimps were cooked perfectly and not battered too heavily; just the right amount of crispy crunch from the tempura batter.  I hate when some sushi places drench the shrimp in a thick tempura batter and the over-fry them creating a crispy crunchy mess.  The flavour of the tender shrimp must shine through the tempura batter and at Sushi samba they managed this perfectly.  

Our last roll was off their vegetarian options and was absolutely amazing.  Instead of chunks of tempura sweet potato, Sushi samba's sushi chefs mash the sweet potato and then tempura the mashed the sweet treat - Amazing!  the balance of textures makes this dish truly special; from the crispy tempura flakes to the soft mashed sweet potato, this sushi roll is one I will never forget.  I had never had mashed sweet potato sushi before and I will definitely be going back for more - more of everything for that matter.  

We sat and slowly enjoyed each bite of sushi and watched the funny Miami characters walk on by.  For lunch, dinner or a snack, Sushi samba will fulfill any sushi craving, just make sure your pockets are deep enough to cover the bill.  After an hour we decided to head back to to where we were staying just in time to enjoy more food and tons of drinks.  Isn't that what Miami is all about?

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