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St. James Pub: The other Mr. Steer?

A true Montrealer, or should I say a true Montreal food lover, has specific restaurants to fill their specific cravings; Schwartz’s for smoked meat, Decarie Hot Dog for you guessed it a hot dog, craving a burger, head over to Mister Steer’s – etc ...  But what if you could get your favourite burger at another restaurant, would it be the same?  St. James Pub offers us suburban Montrealersa lazy way to fulfill our deepest cravings for delicious Steer Burgers. 

On a rainy Thursday night my Father, two sisters and I headed over to St. James Pub for a quick delicious Steerburger.  I tried convincing my Dad to drive the extra few minutes to the newly renovated Mister Steer, but he was convinced not to drive in rush hour and then look for parking on Ste. Catherine.  I lost this battle, but then quickly remembered how good a substitution St. James is.  We arrived to an empty restaurant and a full rowdy bar.  We dropped our jackets on our chairs and headed straight for their salad bar. If you’re expecting a huge selection at the salad bar then you will be disappointed.  In true pub style salad bar you have limited options; lettuce, four or five dressings, cucumbers, tomatoes, hot peppers, onions, bacon bits, croutons, pasta salad, coleslaw, carrot salad and potato salad.  That’s not saying that you can’t possibly put together a delicious salad bowl, I always manage to! 

Salad #1

Salad #2 

After a serving or two of salad my delicious burger arrived.  Thick, juicy and grilled to perfection, the Steerburger was just delicious.  Served with the crispy delicious curly-Q fries and topped with melted cheese, this burger is one of my favourites of all time, obviously second to the original Mister Steer. 

Chicken burger w/mayo all over it!

Steerburger!!! Yummm!!
My Father and sister opted for the hamburger steaks and really enjoyed them. They both made it a point to mention to me that they were nowhere near as good as the burgers are, but still very tasty and enjoyable.  My sister had the chicken burger which was nothing special at all.  I expected a bit more than a frozen breaded chicken burger but my sister seemed to enjoy it.

Hamburger steak and fries

After stuffing our faces full and licking our plates clean we rolled ourselves out of the pub and headed home satisfied and stuffed.  I was completely satisfied and left not craving Mister Steer, maybe being able to get your favourite at another joint closer to home isn't the worst idea – as long as it’s prepared properly! 

St. James Pub

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