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The Art of Sushi: Aikawa

I have always been a huge sushi fan, well maybe that's not entirely true. Let me re- phrase, since the first time I was forced to try sushi I was addicted at first bite. I was six and my taste buds and mind hadn't full grasped the idea that raw fish is absolutely amazing, but after one bite i was hooked. From then on I was determined to try all different sorts of sushi and eat at as many sushi restaurants as possible.  This night, we decided to re-visit Aikawa sushi.

We began our meal by glancing over the menu and of course checking-in on Four-Square where I was quickly notified that as a first time check-in I was entitled to a free Veggie Tempura starter, so I gladly took advantage of that little surprise.  We ordered the veggie tempura appetizer, grilled calamari and deep fried soft shell crab.  There must have been a confusion as the waitress arrived with both the shrimp tempura appetizer and the veggie tempura one.  We quickly informed her that we hadn't ordered both…

Sushi Samba: a delicious but expensive treat!

On my quest to try sushi in every city I visit, I found myself at Sushi Samba in Miami at Lincoln Road Mall.  I have always heard great things about this expensive sushi place, but never had an opportunity to eat there until this past trip to Miami.  

The location is absolutely perfect, right in the heart of the beautiful out door shopping of Lincoln Road Mall, perfect for an after shopping snack/meal.  After a full day of shopping, my little sister and I decided it was time for a snack before heading home for happy hour - Drinks!!!  The restaurant was pretty quiet, only about 5 other tables besides us, so we decided that on such a beautiful Miami day we should enjoy our sushi people watching outside on their terrace.  The waiters and waitresses at Sushi samba are all very attractive, polite and super friendly; we felt welcome and comfortable instantly. Glancing over the menu, I decided immediately what we were going to have; Ebi (shrimp) tempura (it's my sisters favourite), spicy …

St. James Pub: The other Mr. Steer?

A true Montrealer, or should I say a true Montreal food lover, has specific restaurants to fill their specific cravings; Schwartz’s for smoked meat, Decarie Hot Dog for you guessed it a hot dog, craving a burger, head over to Mister Steer’s – etc ...  But what if you could get your favourite burger at another restaurant, would it be the same?  St. James Pub offers us suburban Montrealersa lazy way to fulfill our deepest cravings for delicious Steer Burgers. 

On a rainy Thursday night my Father, two sisters and I headed over to St. James Pub for a quick delicious Steerburger.  I tried convincing my Dad to drive the extra few minutes to the newly renovated Mister Steer, but he was convinced not to drive in rush hour and then look for parking on Ste. Catherine.  I lost this battle, but then quickly remembered how good a substitution St. James is.  We arrived to an empty restaurant and a full rowdy bar.  We dropped our jackets on our chairs and headed straight for their salad bar. If you’…

Satay Brothers

One of my favourite things to eat has to be pork, Asian style pork to be specific, so when I heard that Satay Bros opened up a location on St. Jacques O, I knew I had to visit.  On a particularly beautiful Friday afternoon, my Father and I trekked down to the St. Henri area to feast on some yummy porky treats.   The restaurant is small, approximately 25 seats, and setup cafeterias style where tables are shared with fellow diners.  We came at the perfect time as a table quickly opened up and we were seated almost immediately. 

We ordered the Laksa soup, pork satays with peanut butter sauce, green papaya salad and pork belly steamed buns – a little of everything.  We were first served the pork satays and cucumbers which we thought were absolutely delicious, grilled tender pieces of spicy and gingery marinated pork served with a savory and spicy peanut sauce.  I truly enjoyed the savory/spicy house made peanut butter sauce, a really nice change from the generic sweet version that …

Suite 701

I am always looking for any excuse to go out to restaurants so when the sixth edition of Happening Gourmand started, I couldn't wait to hit the ground running, or eating for that matter.  My first, and sadly only, stop this year was at Suite 701.  Happening Gourmand is a great excuse to try some of Old Montreal’s greatest hot spots at a discounted price, there is even a small selection of discounted wines.  Three course menus start at $23 and go up to$37, while wine was $8/glass or $38/bottle, I thought this was very reasonable. 

Drinks, left to right; clear sangria, bloody Mary and Gin and tonic w/lime
I had glanced over Suite 701’s menu before deciding to dine there, the bison Carpaccio caught my eye immediately.  I called early one afternoon for an 8:15pm reservation and was told that would be fine as long as we knew we would have to leave by 10pm. I found that last comment to be a bit weird since it was a Wednesday night, but thought nothing of it and gladly accepted the reser…

11th Street diner: A deliciously tasty treat

I consider myself to be food obsessed, most people who know me would completely agree. I sleep, breath, eat and think food constantly and I'm always glued to the food network and cooking channel. One of my all-time favourite Food Network shows besides Iron Chef is Guy Fieri's Triple D a.k.a. Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I have always wanted to take a road trip throughout the United States, stopping at all the Triple D stops, maybe one day I will. For now I was more than happy to settle for a visit to one Triple D spot during my trip to Miami, the appropriately named 11th Street Diner on the corner of Washington and you guessed it 11th street.

On a chilly Miami night my sisters and I walked the 9 blocks to the Diner and sat at a table on their side patio. The relaxed diner atmosphere and funky decor wasn't lost on us, we enjoyed the warm homey feeling. The menu at 11th Street Diner has a lot of amazing choices and the dishes recommended by Guy Fieri are carefully lab…

Léché Desserts

Custom gourmet desserts have been popping up all over for the last few years; bakeries specializing in cupcakes, patisseries specializing in “Macarons” (French Parisian accent) and of course let’s not forget the gourmet doughnut shops with all their wacky flavour combinations.  On a rainy Friday afternoon after a delicious lunch at Campanelli’s, my best friend and I trekked the few blocks to Léché Desserts to taste their treats.  As a food blogger and food enthusiast, I am always hearing about new places and heard a lot of amazing things about Léché Desserts, so naturally I had to visit and taste for myself.  Walking up the block we couldn’t help but notice how strange the neighbourhood seemed for a gourmet doughnut shop.  I know that the area is up and coming, however it just felt weird walking across train tracks to taste a doughnut.  As we walked up the stairs and entered the charming building, our noses were greeted with the most delicious smells of freshly baked doughnuts. Consi…