Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lunch at Campanelli

Sandwiches are a very important part of our “food”society.  From subs to BLT’s and even a plain old grilled cheese, classic sandwiches have been taken to new levels with crazy innovative twists.  The vast imaginations of today’s chefs always inspire me to be more creative and try new things; I aspired to at Campanelli’s, but got sucked into having a classic/favourite.  The small and cozy sandwich/coffee shop is very charming, I liked it immediately. Glancing over the menu I couldn’t decide what to have and asked the friendly waitress (?), Barrista (?), what the favourite and most popular sandwich was.  She quickly answered the roast beef and suggested I have it as a first timer.  I was also eyeing the number 2 which had prosciutto, apples and other yummy stuff, but I decided to listen to the waitress and save that choice for next time. 

Seating is limited at Campanelli’s, there really are no tables, just little bars and stools but really that is all you need.  After ordering a roast beef and a turkey sandwich, I grabbed a seat at one of the bars with a friend and waited for our lunch sipping a San Pelegrino Aranciata – my favourite drink!   Our sandwiches were served fairly quickly and piled high with fresh delicious ingredients.  My roast beef was served on their delicious and crusty Panini style baguette roll and topped with Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard, hot banana peppers, pickles and crisp romaine lettuce –oh what a treat!  I was hooked at first bite!  The roast beef was very flavourful, sliced super thinly and not rubbery, like at some other sandwich shops, truly a delicious sandwich especially topped with the strong Dijon mustard.  If you’re not into bold spicy flavours then this sandwich is not for you, but if you are then give this one a try. 

The Turkey sandwich is served on the same roll, sliced super thin and piled high.  Normally it is served with all the fixings but being as my friend has very particular (plain) tastes, she ordered it plain with only lettuce. I will comment and say that the turkey was absolutely delicious and perfectly sliced; it was just a shame to me that she ordered it plain. 

Besides sandwiches, Campanelli’s offer a variety of salads, muffins, coffees and other treats to make your visit truly special.  The warm staff and atmosphere really make this place special; it’s a perfect relaxed lunch spot any day of the week.        

Update - Campanelli

After talking about how delicious the sandwiches are at Campanelli’s my father, sister and I headed back so they could experience it themselves.  We walked in and were lucky to have found 3 seats and quickly decided what to eat; caprese salad, roast beef sandwich and a meatball sandwich too.  I was super excited and couldn't wait to try their meatballs as I have heard such amazing reviews on them.  Our meals were served relatively quickly and we dug right in.

The caprese salad had a generous portion of arugula topped with slices of fresh vine ripe tomatoes and layered with herbs, bocconcini cheese and delicious olives.  The dressing was delicious, a classic balsamic and olive oil vinaigrette.  We all enjoyed the salad but found it to be a little overdressed.  As we ate the salad,the acidity of the dressing and the amount on the salad began to burn our lips,but besides that it was delicious.

The Roast beef was perfect like last time and we all agreed that it is one of the best sandwiches we have ever had.  We had mixed feelings on the meatball sandwich though; I really like it but my sister and father both agreed it was lacking flavour and too mushy.  I will agree with them that my mother’s meatballs are more flavourful, but Campanelli’s meatballs are perfectly flavoured for a sandwich.  The tender meat was easy to eat and melted perfectly with the provolone cheese and delicious bread.  Had the meatballs been firmer, the sandwich would not have been as easy to eat.  I will let them have their opinion, but in my opinion this was a delicious meatball sandwich and all I would have done differently was add more of their delicious tomato sauce.    

We all agreed that Campanelli’s is the perfect spot fora delicious sandwich; we cannot wait to go back.  The next time you find yourself itching for a sandwich try Campanelli’s, you will not be disappointed.   I know I will definitely be back enough times to try everything on their chalkboard menu.      

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