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Lunch at Campanelli

Sandwiches are a very important part of our “food”society.  From subs to BLT’s and even a plain old grilled cheese, classic sandwiches have been taken to new levels with crazy innovative twists.  The vast imaginations of today’s chefs always inspire me to be more creative and try new things; I aspired to at Campanelli’s, but got sucked into having a classic/favourite.  The small and cozy sandwich/coffee shop is very charming, I liked it immediately. Glancing over the menu I couldn’t decide what to have and asked the friendly waitress (?), Barrista (?), what the favourite and most popular sandwich was.  She quickly answered the roast beef and suggested I have it as a first timer.  I was also eyeing the number 2 which had prosciutto, apples and other yummy stuff, but I decided to listen to the waitress and save that choice for next time. 

Seating is limited at Campanelli’s, there really are no tables, just little bars and stools but really that is all you need.  After ordering a roast b…