Thursday, January 10, 2013

Las Olas Cafe

Enjoying a hot sunny day in South beach is always a treat. Relaxing on the beach, shopping at all the boutiques or sitting and enjoying lunch on one of the terraces, south beach is always a great place to be. Months back, or maybe even a year ago, when Anthony Bourdain’s show “Layover: Miami” aired, I noticed that one of the places he mentioned is a huge favourite of mine and a daily routine. Las Olas Café on 6th and Washington is normally my first stop every single morning, when I’m in Miami that is. Just a short walk from where we stay, Las Olas definitely makes the best coffee around!  Cuban coffee is rich, creamy, strong and oh so yummy.
As you approach the corner restaurant that is usually packed, you immediately notice the yummy smells of coffee and Cuban food permeating from the small corner spot. I always walk in and am greeted by the warm and friendly Cuban staff, they are such nice people I love going to see them. I order my large coffee with milk and sugar "cafe con leche" and wait the few short seconds for the yummy hot drink. I happen to be a huge coffee lover but never have I had such an amazing coffee as Las Olas' cafe con leche. Not only is it a strong Cuban blend brewed perfectly, the hot milk and sugar mixed in makes it a delicious treat, I would consider it a dessert even. Some mornings along with my coffee I order their fresh squeezed orange juice. The first time my mother ordered me one I thought it was dosed with tons of sugar, nope it was just the Valencia oranges they use. Sweet, refreshing and oh so delicious, their fresh squeezed orange juice is a must on a really hot morning.
Las Olas also serves many traditional Cuban dishes and sandwiches, all of which are yummy, fresh and made to order. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will never disappoint at Las Olas.
One afternoon my mother, sister and I found ourselves all shopped out and in dire need of coffee and some nourishment. Las Olas was our only thought. We ordered espressos and empanadas, our favourite mid-day treats. Las Olas offers four different empanada options; ham and cheese, spinach and cheese, spicy chicken and last but definitely not least beef. We ordered one of each and pigged out on them so quickly that I didn't snap any pictures. The empanada dough is crispy and flaky on the outside and soft on the inside. You can tell that they are hand made as they are all a bit imperfect but that's totally alright with me. The shredded spicy chicken is packed with flavour and spice. The ham and cheese surprised me, what an amazing flavour I did not think I would enjoy it as much as I did. The spinach and cheese is my sister's favourite and after eating one I definitely know why. No bland spinach flavour here, just loaded with yummy flavourful cheese and delicious sautéed spinach. The beef empanada was outstanding. The flavour was indescribable, spicy and scrumptious come to mind. Really the perfect treat, I just had one complaint, I wanted to eat more but my stomach wouldn't let me. Maybe they can make them smaller so I can fit more into my belly, yummm!

Las Olas can you open a location in Montreal? I'll be there everyday if you do!
Next time you find yourself in South beach near 6th and Washington stop in and order something, you will not be disappointed.

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