Thursday, January 10, 2013

Joe's Stone Crab, a Miami institution.

Joe’s Stone Crab is one of Miami’s oldest and most popular restaurants. Established in 1913, Joe’s has been serving mouth-watering delicious food to south Miami for almost one hundred years. They specialize in crab, hence the name, but have many other amazing dishes and specialties that I think are even better than their scrumptious crab legs.
At Joe's you can dine-in or head over to the take out side and feast your eyes on all their mouth-watering treats. The décor at Joe’s is classic, comfortable and relaxed. The FOH at Joe’s are always friendly and make you feel welcome. My first trip to Joe's was a few years back and ever since I have made it a point to stop at Joe's at the beginning and end of every trip down south. Not only is the crab sweet, tender, buttery and melt in your mouth delicious, but their seafood bisque has to be one of the best bisques I have ever had in my life.
I have had many lobster bisques and shrimp bisques in my eating career, but none can compare to the seafood bisque at Joe’s. The bisque consists of the freshest seafood Miami has to offer; crab, lobster, shrimp and many more tasty critters. The texture is thick, creamy and silky, while the flavour is robust and bold. As I sit here describing the bisque my mouth is watering. I might just have to pause and run down the street for another one. Hang on, I’ll be back […] OK now with the bisque in hand, I can describe it so much better. First off before I forget not only is their soup amazing but the mini challah and onion pumpernickel rolls served with it are also to die for. The bisque has a slightly salty (not over salted, I hate salt) and fresh seafood taste with chunks of crab, lobster, conch and other yumminess (scallops too I think), mimicking the freshness and vast flavours of the sea. There is the slightest hint of tomato and a spice that I cannot describe any other way but delicious. The soup is well balanced and sings in your mouth. I literally feel like there is a party in my mouth while I sit here and eat this amazing bisque. The all natural oyster crackers served with the bisque add a crunchy texture to the soup, I however prefer to dip them rather than crunch them up as some do. They offer a generous two portion container at a reasonable $8.95. The bisque served with the rolls provides a hearty light dinner or lunch; I can definitely say that it is a very satisfying meal.
At Joe's they offer many different crab options that are always cooked perfectly tender, sweet and juicy and served with their mustard sauce and melted butter, yum! Starting your meal at Joe’s with their Manhattan clam chowder is always the way to go, unless you go for the bisque. The chowder is tomato based and loaded with chunks of veggies and yummy clams. The soup is well balanced with a slight kick of heat in every bite, areally tasty treat. The flavour is not over powered by the clams; it is more of a vegetable soup with a slight hint of clam. The clams are perfectly cooked, not chewy and all the veggies are tender and delicious. Served with their yummy crackers and rolls, the soup makes a great hearty lunch as well. The friendly staff at Joe’s will gladly let you sample the soups before you order, but trust me the chowder or the bisque is the way to go; next time I am trying their shrimp and corn chowder.

This time at Joe's I decided to try the crab cake sandwich; a giant sweet and delicious crab cake served with lettuce, tomato, onion and a homemade aioli on a toasted brioche roll. For $13.95 this sandwichis a must for any crab lover, even on a budget. The crab cake is crisp, light and flaky; each bite is melt in your mouth delicious. The chef at Joe’s leaves the crab in large chunks rather than crumbling the crab meat to nothing. I prefer it this way as it makes for a much tastier and visually appealing crab cake. It also allows the diner to see the meat and know that is it fresh crab rather that the imitation or canned stuff that some places use. Joe’s crab cake sandwich is very large and filling, I was pleasantly surprised for the price. The crisp dill pickle served with it was also a tasty treat.

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