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Pizza Rustica

Walking along Washington from 5th street in South beach you'll come across many sandwich shops, taco shops and pizza places all selling delicious smelling food. One night while walking home from dinner at Sum Yum Gai, I passed by a pizza joint that smelt so good I had to stop and take a look. Attached to a tattoo parlour, Pizza Rustica serves square slices of gourmet pizza loaded with many creative and delicious toppings. The name suits as a perfect description of their pizza, rustic Italian. I grabbed a menu and continued on my way home full of yummy Chinese food, but wishing I had known to leave room for a slice of pizza for dessert. Little did I know that I would get my chance to sample a slice later that same night.

A few hours later, and a couple of gin and tonics deep, my sisters arrived home from the Miami Heats game. Hungry and hyped up on gin and tequila shots, the three of us made our way back the Pizza Rustica, clearly my suggestion. Walking along Washington wit…

Deville DinerBar: Does it live up to the hype?

Lately all I have been hearing are people ranting and raving about Deville Dinerbar and how amazing their appetizers, doughnuts and drinks are. The mains, eh not so much praise, but supposedly the apps are the best in town. I actually never had a chance to stop by until the first week of January. On a Saturday night a bunch of friends and I headed to Deville Dinerbar to celebrate a friends birthday. We were a large bunch, I think we were twenty people, and were graciously seated at the back of the restaurant at four separate tables. The tables could have been closer together to make for a more intimate environment. We felt as though we were eating separately and not as group. The fact that we had different waitresses was also annoying, we were not all served at the same time, while some were on mains others were just getting their apps. The waitresses were excellent though.

At my table we ordered a few appetizers; fried dill pickles, Mac n cheese won-tons and the fried onion…

Sum Yum Gai: Sum Yum Food

Chinese food is one of my favourite styles of cuisine. So many different flavours simply cooked and turned into works of art. Most of the world's best Chinese restaurants are hole-in-the-wall type places just like in China. Sum Yum Gai on Washington near 14th in Miami is no exception. The decor will definitely scare you away, but as my mother always says, "you cannot judge a book by it's cover," same rule applies with Chinese restaurants. Another important rule of thumb is eat where Chinese people eat, they know good food.

As we walked in and grabbed one of the eight tables, I couldn't help but notice the awful decor and how run-down the restaurant looked, but the smell from the kitchen quickly alleviated all my worries. The menu at Sum Yum Gai isn't filled with Americanized Chinese dishes but rather a more authentic take on dishes from Beijing. As we were glancing over the menu a party of four entered the restaurant, looked around and quickly came ov…

Joe's Stone Crab, a Miami institution.

Joe’s Stone Crab is one of Miami’s oldest and most popular restaurants. Established in 1913, Joe’s has been serving mouth-watering delicious food to south Miami for almost one hundred years. They specialize in crab, hence the name, but have many other amazing dishes and specialties that I think are even better than their scrumptious crab legs.
At Joe's you can dine-in or head over to the take out side and feast your eyes on all their mouth-watering treats. The décor at Joe’s is classic, comfortable and relaxed. The FOH at Joe’s are always friendly and make you feel welcome. My first trip to Joe's was a few years back and ever since I have made it a point to stop at Joe's at the beginning and end of every trip down south. Not only is the crab sweet, tender, buttery and melt in your mouth delicious, but their seafood bisque has to be one of the best bisques I have ever had in my life.
I have had many lobster bisques and shrimp bisques in my eating career, but …

Las Olas Cafe

Enjoying a hot sunny day in South beach is always a treat. Relaxing on the beach, shopping at all the boutiques or sitting and enjoying lunch on one of the terraces, south beach is always a great place to be. Months back, or maybe even a year ago, when Anthony Bourdain’s show “Layover: Miami” aired, I noticed that one of the places he mentioned is a huge favourite of mine and a daily routine. Las Olas Café on 6th and Washington is normally my first stop every single morning, when I’m in Miami that is. Just a short walk from where we stay, Las Olas definitely makes the best coffee around!  Cuban coffee is rich, creamy, strong and oh so yummy.
As you approach the corner restaurant that is usually packed, you immediately notice the yummy smells of coffee and Cuban food permeating from the small corner spot. I always walk in and am greeted by the warm and friendly Cuban staff, they are such nice people I love going to see them. I order my large coffee with milk and sugar "cafe …

Big Pink: Oh how I missed you!

Hot, sunny, loud and fun are all perfect descriptions of Miami Beach. Nestled at the most southern point of Miami beach surrounded by restaurants, bars and lounges is the infamous South beach or Sobe to some. South beach, as I prefer to call it, is and in my opinion will always be the perfect winter escape. Hot weather, hot restaurants and even hotter people, what's not to love? Ocean drive can be a bit intimidating for first timers, the trick is to know what you want and be polite to the swarms of hostesses begging you to come eat. If you've never been to South beach then you may not know what I'm referring to. Ocean drive is the main street that runs along the beach in south beach, its home to many restaurants and hotels, it is also the back-drop to the movie Scarface. The sidewalk on Ocean drive is not only a passageway for pedestrians, it also serves as terraces for the many restaurants. As you walk along the sidewalk the many hostesses will hound you offering …