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On a random weekday, I was on my opentable app searching for where I wanted to eat and blog about next, when the best thing ever happened, Toque! had a 1000 point reservation!! I couldn't believe it and immediately called my favourite dining partner and close friend to see if she was up for yet another of my crazy food adventures. As soon as she said yes I hit the confirm button and shrieked with excitement.

The next evening I jumped into my friend's car and we were off. We arrived on time and parked literally in front of the restaurant, very convenient but on busier nights, parking might be an issue. As we entered the almost empty restaurant, we were very nicely greeted by the hostess and shown to our table. The restaurant has an elegant yet laid back feel to it and the front of the house staff really go the extra mile to make sure your experience is a good one - at least that’s how we felt of our evening.

As we were seated, our waiter arrived promptly and offered us one…

Gordon Ramsay's Pub & Grill

On my last night in Vegas I decided I couldn't leave without trying at least one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. There were still a whole bunch of places I wanted to try like RM Seafood and Pub 1842 by Michael Mina, but for some reason my tummy and brain kept telling me “Go to Gordon Ramsay!” I called Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris hotel, I had tried three nights before to get us all a reservation there with no luck, and again this night they were full. I quickly decided to call Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill and immediately got a reservation.

The four of us remaining in Vegas arrived just in time for our reservation. We would have been a few minutes early had I not gotten us lost in Caesar’s Palace – seriously confusing! We were immediately seated at a booth, but it took a few minutes for our waiter to arrive and offer us drinks. When our waiter arrived with menus, we ordered a bottle Pinot Noir and began reading the menu. The restaurant was busy, waiters, waitresses, busboy…

MESA Grill - Delicious, delicious delicious!

Bobby Flay has always been a favourite of mine and I have always been inspired by his cooking. MESA Grill has been on my “to eat at” list from the beginning, so when I finally got my chance to eat there, I knew I had to take full advantage. I prepped myself to eat as much as I possibly could manage and knew I would have to narrow down how many apps or mains I ordered. Yes sometimes I order more than one, just to taste.

I was still redeeming myself from my other terrible celebrity chef restaurant recommendation, but I knew Bobby would never let me down. As we arrived on time for our reservation, we were immediately seated at a very large and comfortable table. I loved the decor and vibe at MESA, comfortable and relaxed yet upscale and elegant – trust me, it worked.

As we sat down, my boss announced that we were all having the same cocktail to start and appointed one person at the table to choose what we were going to have. Of course I opened my big mouth and suggested choosing a …

Gordon Biersch - Beers and burgers what more can you ask for?

I work in an industry that is mainly dominated by men and my office is no exception. Yes we are three women in the office and we dominate the office, but within the entire Canadian branch of the company it’s just us three and fifteen men. That’s right we are completely outnumbered – but that doesn’t mean we don’t run the place. When my boss told me I was tagging along to the SEMA show in Vegas, I was thrilled and nervous. Not only would I be the only woman, but I’d be the only woman surrounded by all the male sales representatives from Canada, USA and a few from Spain – lucky me!

The second night of my trip, after our disaster meal at B and B, I met up with all the reps from the US and Canada for some beers and grub. I knew in advance that we were planning on eating at Gordon Biersch so I did my research. I looked up the menu, read some reviews and knew exactly what I was going to have before I even sat down. 

The restaurant on Paradise road is quite large and happening. The …

B and B Ristorante - Not exactly what I expected

Growing up in a family that evolved around food, I was always watching the food network or any PBS show that involved food. What’s for dinner, Karen’s Kitchen, Julia Childs and Jacques Pepin are some of the shows I grew up watching. Besides Iron Chef, my earliest food network memory was watching this big Chef with red hair cook up some delicious Italian cuisine. Molto Mario was my first introduction to proper Italian cooking, so when I found out I was going to Las Vegas for the 2013 SEMA show, I knew I had to stop at one of Mario’s restaurants.

Having heard so many of my fellow food lovers’ talk about B and B Ristorante, I knew I had to try it for myself. The first day at the SEMA show, yes the car show, my boss asked me to book a reservation at any restaurant my heart desired, as long as it was expensive as his partners were paying. I immediately tried to get us in at Gordon Ramsay Steak, then Mesa Grill and finally the only one that had a table at a decent hour for nine peopl…

Le Pop Up - Le Cheese truck and Cosmos team

What would this world be like if we didn't have cheese?  No Mac 'n Cheese, no grilled cheese, no cheesy sauces, no cheeseburgers, no pizzas, it really would suck!  Thank goodness we are fortunate enough to live in a world filled with glorious cheese in all shapes and varieties.  We even have restaurants and food trucks dedicated to the delicious gooey goodness, food trucks like Le Cheese Truck.  Le Cheese serves up some delicious Mac 'n Cheeses, grilled cheese and anything else they can think of mixing cheese with.  Sadly, being a food truck, their cheesy goodness is short lived in our city having only a few short months when their truck can operate.  The geniuses behind Le Cheese Truck came up with the best idea I have ever heard of, a pop up restaurant in the long lived and famous Cosmos, serving up all their cheesy goodness to the late night crowd of hungry and drunken patrons throughout the entire winter.  

Last week, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the media ta…