Monday, December 17, 2012

Fresh on Fifth.

The day has arrived; The Famished Foodie is in Miami.  Arriving really late Saturday evening, I raced out of Miami International, grabbed the first cab I saw and headed south to 5th and Ocean.  As I dropped off my bags and quickly changed, I decided I was too tired for a real sit down dinner and decided to grab a sandwich across the street at Fresh on Fifth.  Fresh is a sandwich, salad, gelato and pastry shop specializing in fresh delicious ingredients, hence the name.  Although the theme at Fresh on Fifth seems to lean more towards Italian flavours, their sandwiches seem to have a more middle-Eastern feel. 
Ordering a meal at Fresh is different than ordering anywhere else.  They have an order station which basically consists of a counter with different ordering sheets; one for breakfasts, one for salads, one for gelato and one for plates and sandwiches.   For salads you begin by choosing your size, 24 or 48 oz, one of two lettuce options and 22 veggie and nut toppings all of which are included in the salad price. Adding a protein to your salad will run you around $3.50 which is very reasonable for a SOBE (South Beach) café/restaurant.  Other toppings such as avocado, walnuts, sundried tomatoes, roasted peppers and different cheeses will run you about a buck extra.   Dressing options are plentiful as well, including a carb free, reduced fat and fat free options, all of which sound delish. 
 The sandwich order form lists a bunch of house sandwiches or you can always build your own.  You choose your bread; whole wheat, baguette or wrap, and then chose from a list of included toppings such as lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, hot peppers, onions {…} There are “extra” toppings such as avocado and sprouts that will cost you a couple a bucks to add to your sandwich.   The signature roasted chicken with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and a homemade garlic sauce caught my eye right away, shish taouk!  The sandwich isnormally served on a wrap however I was starving and really wanted it on a baguette.  I ordered my sandwich, I added avocado and onions, grabbed a lemon Arizona iced tea and took a seat at the bar.  There are many seating options at Fresh, lounge tables with small couches, bar seating looking out over Ocean drive and an outdoor terrace right on the corner of fifth and Ocean. 
All sandwiches and salads are made fresh to order so expect a small wait, but when your food arrives you’ll be glad you waited.  When my order was ready I couldn’t wait to eat it, I even forgot to take a picture before I shoved the sandwich in my mouth.  The fresh baked French baguette was perfect, crusty baguette always makes the sandwich better.  The fresh soft avocado was a great addition to the roasted chicken, dill pickles and garlic sauce.  The homemade garlic sauce is less of a garlic mayo and more of a sauce consistency. Whatever it was it was absolutely delicious and I see why they call it their signature roasted chicken and garlic sauce sandwich, delish!
Halfway through my sandwich my eyes started to close and I knew I was done for the night, travelling always takes so much out of me.  I wrapped up the half I hadn’t eaten and walked the five steps back home.  While walking those five steps home, a parade of people past by driving through the street honking their horns and singing. It was the Chanukah brigade, a pick-up truck with a giant Chanukiah on the back, followed by seven or so scooters with glowing Chanukah lights.  I had never seen Chanukah celebrated like that, it was beautiful to see.  Always a wild time in South Beach.   
My first night in South Beach came and went way too quickly,good thing I have fifteen more nights to go.

Stay tuned … 


On a really hot day towards the end of my first week in Miami, I decided it was hot enough to treat myself to a gelato. Lemon gelato seemed to be the perfect choice, light, tart and oh so refreshing. I ordered a small and at $4.95, I found it to be on the expensive side. It was good, however not the best that I've had. I did like the fact that it wasn't over sweet but mimicked the taste of a real lemon. It was satisfying.
The next morning as I finished my coffee from Las Olas, I stopped yet again at Fresh and ordered a bagel, lox and cream cheese. At $5.99 it was a real bargain, would have been better on a Montreal bagel but oh well! Loaded with cream cheese, a fair amount of yummy lox, red onions and capers, I was truly satisfied and glad I ordered it. Next time though I will have it in an everything bagel, just makes the bagel that much better.

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