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Fresh on Fifth.

The day has arrived; The Famished Foodie is in Miami.  Arriving really late Saturday evening, I raced out of Miami International, grabbed the first cab I saw and headed south to 5th and Ocean.  As I dropped off my bags and quickly changed, I decided I was too tired for a real sit down dinner and decided to grab a sandwich across the street at Fresh on Fifth.  Fresh is a sandwich, salad, gelato and pastry shop specializing in fresh delicious ingredients, hence the name.  Although the theme at Fresh on Fifth seems to lean more towards Italian flavours, their sandwiches seem to have a more middle-Eastern feel.  Ordering a meal at Fresh is different than ordering anywhere else.  They have an order station which basically consists of a counter with different ordering sheets; one for breakfasts, one for salads, one for gelato and one for plates and sandwiches.   For salads you begin by choosing your size, 24 or 48 oz, one of two lettuce options and 22 veggie and nut toppings all of which ar…

To New/Old Beginnings: Le Biftheque

On November 12th, 2012 a Montreal institution reopened their doors to crowds of excited people. After the new owners of the restaurant suffered a bankruptcy, the original owners decided it was time to bring the old glory back to life. Le Biftheque's reopening excitement was felt throughout the city and has yet to die down. The chance to taste their delicious rolls, deep fried garlic croutons and chocolate mint candies couldn't be missed by this famished foodie.

On December 2, 2012, myself and a fellow Biftheque lover found ourselves strolling in for a Sunday night treat. We walked in and gave our party size to the hostess, who was quite rude and hostile, who then informed us there would be a fifteen to twenty minute wait. We quickly grabbed a comfy seat and began reminiscing about the old Biftheque. I remember running up and down the hallway near the butcher shop, and birthday parties in the down stairs party room. Oh the memories!
Our stories were quickly interrupt…

A Rambunctious group at Towne Hall

December 1st, 2012 will be a night I wont forget for many years to come, November 30th, 2012 too but that's another story. I work with a crazy bunch men, and love every minute of it, going out with them is another story. On December 1st we held our epic christmas party at Towne Hall. We tend to go all out and then turn into raging drunks at the trendiest places, it is a lot of fun. This year I arrived to an unruly bunch taking up the entire bar and drinking themselves into oblivion. I quickly ordered a cosmo, one of the only vodka drinks I can tolerate, and joined my co-workers at the bar.

We finished a few rounds of drinks, then decided it was time to grab a seat and eat. For a large rowdy and incoherent group, the service was impressive. We had a lovely four course menu with many delicious choices. Our meal began with either salmon tartar or seared beats on a crostini topped with brie cheese. The tartar was served on a large square plate on top of some yummy guacamole…