Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wings N Things: my new obsession

A couple months back I heard a crazy little rumor that a favorite old school wings place from ages ago would be re-opening just around the corner from me. Naturally I had to investigate this amazing rumor and guess what, it was true!! Wings N Things officially opened their doors on Royalmount and I for one couldn't have been happier.

One Saturday afternoon I convinced my parents to accompany me on a walk around my neighborhood with the intention of stopping by Wings N Things for a little lunch. We happened to walk in at an odd hour and had the place all to ourselves. We were greeted by the owner who kindly suggested which wings to try; general tao, medium hot and sweet heat. He was extra nice and even made us 5 wings of each sauce instead of the standard 10 minimum, thanks again for that! We decided since there was no one else around that we would eat in instead of taking out. We waited a few short minutes for our wings, fries and traditional coleslaw.
We decided to order all traditional wings, they offer boneless and breaded as well. The wings were seasoned nicely and cooked perfectly. They had a crisp texture and held the sauces well. The medium sauce was perfect; not too hot but spicy enough to be considered a medium heat and totally addicting. I found the sweet heat to be similar to the medium wings without the little burst of heat at the end. Both were excellent choices and kept me wanting more. The General Tao wings are something else. I don't normally enjoy general tao chicken, but I'll be glad to eat general tao wings from Wings N Things for the rest of my life. The sweet, tangy sauce gooey all over the crispy yummy wings, just perfect. They were so good even my Father who is not a big wings eater couldn't keep his hands off them! Delish and a MUST order!
The fries are thin cut shoestring style and deliciously fried. Their coleslaw is just right, the perfect side to balance the spicy wings. We honestly couldn't have asked for a better experience at WNT. It was so good that later that night I may have called in a take out order and I may have tried their hot wings, Waffle fries and curly Q fries. Ok so I pigged out on wings, big deal! They were scrumptious, how could I not?
The hot sauce on the wings might be my favorite overall, spicy but not too spicy that you can't breath or taste the wings. The waffle fries were spiced and really good, what you would expect good waffle fries to be. The curly q's were crispy and perfectly fried and not soggy, a huge hit I really liked them. I was impressed because I knew the were busy yet the food arrived hot and just as if I were there eating it.

A couple Saturdays later I found myself reaching for the Wings N Things take-out/delivery menu and ordered three more kinds of wings; hot (they are just soooooo good), Parmesan garlic and Chili lime. Of course I had to have fries and coleslaw too.
As soon as I tried both the wings, parmesan garlic and chili lime, I knew I was in trouble. How was I going to put into words how delicious the wings were? The parmesan garlic were crispy, juicy and tossed with toasted garlic, herbs and yummy parmesan. OMG, what a perfect combination! The chili lime had a yummy slightly oily chili lime sauce that was absolutely to die for. I really cannot even begin to explain how much I enjoyed the chili lime wings. Even with the slightly oily sauce the wings were still perfectly crisp. Kudos guys your wings are truly special. Next time I'm trying the sliders! Stay tuned!

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  1. I couldn't agree more - these wings are the very best I've tasted anywhere. Going back tonight for more