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The Foodie Tales heads to South Beach!

The Famished Foodie is taking the Foodie Tales down south. That's right, I'm heading down to Miami beach/South beach for a few weeks and while I'm there I will be discovering all the tasty treats Miami has to offer. I already have a pretty extensive list of places I will be visiting, but I'm still open to suggestions. If you have any recommendations for me, the Famished Foodie, tweet me @afamishedfoodie or leave me a comment! I will be sure to check out as many places as possible.

My current list of places to visit:
Big Pink's - ok it's one of my favorite stops!
Joe's Stone Crab - another favorite!
Pubbelly - never been but heard great things! Can't wait!
Yarbird - southern cooking to the extreme
Moshi Moshi - Thai food with a twist
Sum Yum Gai - Best Miami Chinese food!
Michael Genuine - looks fabulous!
11th Street Diner - a triple D's spot
Sushi Samba - yummmy!
Il Mulino - supposed to be good Italian
Prime one twelve - steak!
Prime Italian - a pricey treat
Asia de Cuba - considering a stop here
Five napkin Burger - so going to drop by
Meat Market - OMG this might be my first stop!
BLT Steak -  Heard amazing things!
DeRodriguez Ocean - Looks so yummy

Keep the suggestions coming!


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