Monday, October 29, 2012

Black Strap BBQ: A New Found Love

BBQ joints have been around for years and years and have always brought a hearty cult following. Everyone has their own opinions as to what spices to use, sauce on meat or on the side, bark thickness, smokiness etc (...). When this "famished foodie" heard that another new BBQ Joint had opened in our fair city, I knew I had to bring the foodie tales along for the ride.

Upon entering the relaxed pub-like atmosphere of Blackstrap BBQ you are instantly comforted by the most delicious and intoxicating fumes coming from their open style kitchen. Standing at the counter I quickly glanced over the menu and decided on a little of everything. Mac N cheese balls, brisket, burnt end poutine, beans, coleslaw and a half a chicken. I decided to leave the turkey, pork and pork ribs for another visit as I couldn't possibly eat anymore than I had already ordered.

At Blackstrap they serve it up casual style in tray pans fully loaded to the rims. They offer all sorts of combination options and the best sides in town! Seating is limited to counter seating and some gorgeous communal rustic picnic tables. Take out is readily available and encouraged, they make it easy by providing sturdy take out containers and paper bags stuck with their Blackstrap logo. We chose to take out as it was packed and no tables available, so we packed the two options of sauces and we were on our way.
We got to my condo in no time and quickly unpacked the delicious smelling brown bag o'food. I had to smack hands away as I quickly snapped some mouthwatering pictures of the grub. As I passed around napkins and forks, I couldn't help but grab a huge bite of a fried mac N cheese ball. OMG! AbsoF&$@inglutelyDelicious!!!! Yes that good it needs its own word. The light crispy breadcrumb coating was a perfect contrast to the creamy and cheesy macaroni. I expected it to be a bit greasy but to my surprise they were not greasy at all. Honestly three Mac N Cheese balls to an order is only enough if you get a second order!! They are really too good and completely addicting.
I finally sat down and stuck my fork into the ginormous burnt end poutine. They combine the most flavorful part of the brisket, the burnt bark ends, and add it to their perfectly fried fries, cheese curds and house made poutine gravy. Their sauce is a rich dark sauce that is honestly better than any other. The buttery brisket ends mixed with the melted cheese and crisp fries, OMG amazing. Everyone MUST order this at least once, its a sin not too!

Blackstrap's brisket was as tender as butter with a crisp and flavorful bark. I truly enjoyed every last bite. They have truly mastered their recipe, I think it may even be the best I have ever had. Kudos to the Pit-masters/Chef.

Reaching over to my friends plate, I grabbed the leg off her half chicken and sunk my teeth into the most delicious smoked chicken I've had in a long long time. The chicken was perfectly cooked, juicy and tender with a wonderful smoke flavour penetrating all the way through. As I was eating the chicken, all I could think of was turning it into some kind of smoked chicken salad. Yummmm! The baked beans were swimming in goodness and totally delicious, all they were missing was some pulled pork.
The only disappointing part to all of our meals was the coleslaw. We found it to be unbalanced and tasted of pure vinegar. This did not ruin nor hinder our thoughts on Blackstrap Bbq, it made us want more! Go figure!

Blackstrap Bbq brought a new culture of eating to our fair city. Since opening their doors to the crowds of people waiting patiently for some mouthwatering Bbq grub, they have sold out repeatedly and many nights have had to close their doors very early. It is a phenomenon from the get go that no one could have expected. The craze that Blackstrap has created is out right insane! My suggestion is get there early and follow them on twitter! They update their followers every time something is close to being sold out or is already sold out. This problem hopefully wont be happening for much longer as they have already ordered another pit to meet the high demands, but how could one not be proud of selling out daily! I for one hope they keep selling out and bringing us food enthusiast all the Bbq yumminess we have now grown to love.
Thanks team Blackstrap, you guys are truly amazing!

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