Monday, October 15, 2012

Beaver Hall

Going through my blog the other day I realized that I had never posted this great entry about my birthday at Beaver Hall. It's a few months, ok five months old but I can still taste that scampi butter served atop my filet. Naturally after seeing this post, I decided it was time for a re-visit so this past Saturday my friend and I headed back to Beaver Hall. Two posts in one! Enjoy!

On Saturday, six of my closest friends and I met up at Beaver Hall for my birthday dinner. One of my friends had previously eaten there for a work affair and ranted and raved on how exquisite her meal was. Naturally I had to discover that for myself. We parked across the street, parking was relatively easy even for downtown, and walked in. We had reservations and were seated immediately.

As we sat down and ordered some drinks, I quickly helped myself to some homemade spicy-pickled cornichons. They were absolutely perfect, crisp, briny and spicy the perfect blend. There were three small mason-jars filled with them in our table but by the time our meals arrived, my friends and I had finished them all.
I started with the beef carpaccio and it was really well executed. The slices were perfect and nicely layered with flakes of parmesan, arugula, fresh cracked black pepper and portobello mushrooms. It was deliciously flavored and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite. The pepperiness of the arugula went perfectly with the beef and shaves of cheese.
The crispy calamari that my friend ordered, was cooked to perfection. The lovely rings of calamari were tender, lightly breaded and perfectly crisp.
Our mains arrived not too long after the waiter cleared our apps and refilled our wine glasses. The service and atmosphere at Beaver Hall make this gem really special. They pride themselves on professional service and they really shine at that.
As my main I ordered surf and turf; filet mignon topped with a rich creamy scampi butter and served with delicious lobster agnolotti. My filet was seasoned to perfection and cooked to a perfect medium rare, more on the rare side the way I like it! The scampi butter was seriously the best part of my night. The creamy scampi flavour mirrored a deep rich bisque more than a butter. It was not too rich nor did it overpower the filet, it complimented the meat perfectly and I truly enjoyed every last bite. The agnolotti were perfectly done, not overcooked and were delicious with the scampi butter as well.
The crispy fish and chips were absolutely delicious. Flaky and cooked perfectly with a light crisp breading. It was not oily nor soggy, truly a delicious choice. I was the only one who found the french fries to be lacking a but, but everyone else seemed to truly enjoy them. Sometimes I am too picky with french fries!
Even though we were seven people, we all ordered basically the same mains; filet mignon, fish and chips and filet with scampi butter. We all enjoyed every bite and finished our chopping block plates fairly quickly.
As our chopping blocks were cleared from the table, we finished our bottle of Pinot Gris and skimmed through the dessert menu.
I decided on the vanilla profiteroles served with a hot chocolate sauce, sliced almonds and whipped cream. Delicieux! The chocolate sauce was made with dark chocolate and was utterly scrumptious. The vanilla profiteroles were delicious as well, and the ice cream was rich and deliciously creamy. It was large enough for us to share, so we did!
No one else was brave enough to order a dessert and thank goodness because I certainly couldn't finish mine.

We all left the restaurant thoroughly satisfied and all agreed that this gem would be added to our list of favorites.

The Second Time Around:

At around midnight on a chilly Friday evening in October I received a text message from my crazy friend wishing me goodnight. Before I could answer her, a second message came through informing me that she planned on kidnapping me for a dinner date the following evening. I laughed and answered that I would be a more than willing kidnapee (yes I make up my own words).
Saturday afternoon I decided to inform my kidnapper that I wanted to dine at Beaver Hall and she was more than willing to comply with my request. I quickly opened the "open table" app on my phone and booked us a table for 10 pm.
Before heading out that night, my kidnapper and I enjoyed a pre-dinner cocktail, vodka mixed with orange, raspberry and passion fruit juice. A new favorite of mine!
We arrived at the restaurant a few minutes early and were seated right away. The restaurant was still pretty busy for 10pm but yet again the service was top notch! We were seated at a booth which was a little bit smaller than normal and slightly awkward but as our food and Pinot Gris arrived, we quickly forgot about the uncomfortableness. We decided to start with the calamari, my friend is a total feen, and yet again it was absolutely delicious. Tender not chewy, crispy not greasy, light not heavy, a real treat!
For my second visit, I was in the mood for something different; beef tartare with crunchy wasabi nuts caught my eye immediately and I knew I had to have it. The beef is ground to order and was absolutely delicious. The seasoning was perfect and the crunchiness of the wasabi nuts was a perfect contrast to the soft buttery soft beef. They serve their tartare with a lightly dressed mesclun salad, a delicious tomato bruschetta and of course their fries served in a mini fryer basket. I love how they always serve on chopping blocks rather than plates, it's not only more appealing to the eye but there is also more room to eat.
My kidnapper order the bavette served with a shallot sauce, mesclun salad and fries in a basket. The bavette was marinated and cooked perfectly and the sauce was a great accompaniment to the beef.
We stuffed our faces, drank our wine, licked our boards clean, well not literally, and ordered dessert! Crepes Suzette and a chocolate mousse, I had a coffee as well. The crepes were delicious not too sweet and the perfect hint of Grand Marnier, I should add that the portion is large enough to be shared. The mousse was light fluffy and not too sweet. A scrumptious ending to a lovely dinner!

Beaver Hall is great for a girls night out, a date night, a birthday or just any other night. The menu is not overly expensive and I truly recommend trying this gem!

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