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La Madeleine

Lately my fascination with food has led me to discover that I actually do enjoy baking. I always thought baking was boring and time consuming, whereas creating a feast was exciting and fast paced. On a particularly rainy Saturday evening, my parents asked if I could have my little sister sleepover since they had to go out of town. I decided we should bake something new and fun! Madeleines have always been a yummy treat, yet I had never baked any.
My sister arrived and was all too excited as usual, something about sleeping over at your older sisters place has always been a treat for her and my other sisters; I am the oldest of four girls. Yes I know what you're thinking, my poor father! Don't worry, he's fine, grey hair, but fine!

I quickly told her my genius plan for the evening and we got right to work. First things first, finding the perfect recipe. We got out my laptop and spent the next half hour googling hundreds of recipes all claiming to be the best madelein…

Food Trucks; The trend that keeps on trending!

When you first hear "food truck," what automatically pops into your mind?  Street food, greasy burgers, pretzels and cheap sandwiches?  Well nowadays the term food trucks refers to the most gourmet food you can find.  All over North america, this food phenomenon has been popping up in all cities, just about anywhere they are can, even in our beautiful Montreal!  How is it that one of the greatest food cities in the world doesn't allow food trucks all the time?
In recent weeks there has been serious discussions concerning our fair city and the outrageous ban on this delicious illegal food.  Shall we legalize it or not; I say yes!  If our fine city does decide to allow these rolling trucks of heavenly treats then I will be one of the first ones out there rolling around the downtown core.

From Po' Boy's  to lobsters rolls food trucks everywhere are playing with classics and turning them into the Ultimate.  Tasty and fresh ingredients are replacing the usual burger a…