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I have never really been a fan of biscuits.  I always found them to taste too much like baking soda and salt, two flavours I really do not enjoy in excess.  It wasn't until I purchased Bobby Flay's Bar Americain cook-book and made his Black pepper buttermilk biscuits that I realized I wasn't supposed to like those other so-called biscuits.  These delicious fluffy biscuits have the salty/soda flavour but not in excess!  They are well balanced and I was impressed how easy this recipe actually was.  As I tasted these biscuits I couldn't help but picture a poached egg and a very creamy maybe even spicy hollandaise sauce.  To my amazement Flay had that exact recipe in his book as well, Poached egg with Cajun hollandaise sauce and black pepper buttermilk biscuit.  Obviously I had to have that for dinner, I would have had it for breakfast the next day but I really couldn't wait.
These biscuits are so fluffy and really easy to make.  
Cheddar biscuits on the left, cracked bl…