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Fresh on Fifth.

The day has arrived; The Famished Foodie is in Miami.  Arriving really late Saturday evening, I raced out of Miami International, grabbed the first cab I saw and headed south to 5th and Ocean.  As I dropped off my bags and quickly changed, I decided I was too tired for a real sit down dinner and decided to grab a sandwich across the street at Fresh on Fifth.  Fresh is a sandwich, salad, gelato and pastry shop specializing in fresh delicious ingredients, hence the name.  Although the theme at Fresh on Fifth seems to lean more towards Italian flavours, their sandwiches seem to have a more middle-Eastern feel.  Ordering a meal at Fresh is different than ordering anywhere else.  They have an order station which basically consists of a counter with different ordering sheets; one for breakfasts, one for salads, one for gelato and one for plates and sandwiches.   For salads you begin by choosing your size, 24 or 48 oz, one of two lettuce options and 22 veggie and nut toppings all of which ar…

To New/Old Beginnings: Le Biftheque

On November 12th, 2012 a Montreal institution reopened their doors to crowds of excited people. After the new owners of the restaurant suffered a bankruptcy, the original owners decided it was time to bring the old glory back to life. Le Biftheque's reopening excitement was felt throughout the city and has yet to die down. The chance to taste their delicious rolls, deep fried garlic croutons and chocolate mint candies couldn't be missed by this famished foodie.

On December 2, 2012, myself and a fellow Biftheque lover found ourselves strolling in for a Sunday night treat. We walked in and gave our party size to the hostess, who was quite rude and hostile, who then informed us there would be a fifteen to twenty minute wait. We quickly grabbed a comfy seat and began reminiscing about the old Biftheque. I remember running up and down the hallway near the butcher shop, and birthday parties in the down stairs party room. Oh the memories!
Our stories were quickly interrupt…

A Rambunctious group at Towne Hall

December 1st, 2012 will be a night I wont forget for many years to come, November 30th, 2012 too but that's another story. I work with a crazy bunch men, and love every minute of it, going out with them is another story. On December 1st we held our epic christmas party at Towne Hall. We tend to go all out and then turn into raging drunks at the trendiest places, it is a lot of fun. This year I arrived to an unruly bunch taking up the entire bar and drinking themselves into oblivion. I quickly ordered a cosmo, one of the only vodka drinks I can tolerate, and joined my co-workers at the bar.

We finished a few rounds of drinks, then decided it was time to grab a seat and eat. For a large rowdy and incoherent group, the service was impressive. We had a lovely four course menu with many delicious choices. Our meal began with either salmon tartar or seared beats on a crostini topped with brie cheese. The tartar was served on a large square plate on top of some yummy guacamole…

The Foodie Tales heads to South Beach!

The Famished Foodie is taking the Foodie Tales down south. That's right, I'm heading down to Miami beach/South beach for a few weeks and while I'm there I will be discovering all the tasty treats Miami has to offer. I already have a pretty extensive list of places I will be visiting, but I'm still open to suggestions. If you have any recommendations for me, the Famished Foodie, tweet me @afamishedfoodie or leave me a comment! I will be sure to check out as many places as possible.

My current list of places to visit:
Big Pink's - ok it's one of my favorite stops!
Joe's Stone Crab - another favorite!
Pubbelly - never been but heard great things! Can't wait!
Yarbird - southern cooking to the extreme
Moshi Moshi - Thai food with a twist
Sum Yum Gai - Best Miami Chinese food!
Michael Genuine - looks fabulous!
11th Street Diner - a triple D's spot
Sushi Samba - yummmy!
Il Mulino - supposed to be good Italian
Prime one twelve - steak!
Prime Italian -…

Wings N Things: my new obsession

A couple months back I heard a crazy little rumor that a favorite old school wings place from ages ago would be re-opening just around the corner from me. Naturally I had to investigate this amazing rumor and guess what, it was true!! Wings N Things officially opened their doors on Royalmount and I for one couldn't have been happier.

One Saturday afternoon I convinced my parents to accompany me on a walk around my neighborhood with the intention of stopping by Wings N Things for a little lunch. We happened to walk in at an odd hour and had the place all to ourselves. We were greeted by the owner who kindly suggested which wings to try; general tao, medium hot and sweet heat. He was extra nice and even made us 5 wings of each sauce instead of the standard 10 minimum, thanks again for that! We decided since there was no one else around that we would eat in instead of taking out. We waited a few short minutes for our wings, fries and traditional coleslaw.
We decided to orde…

Black Strap BBQ: A New Found Love

BBQ joints have been around for years and years and have always brought a hearty cult following. Everyone has their own opinions as to what spices to use, sauce on meat or on the side, bark thickness, smokiness etc (...). When this "famished foodie" heard that another new BBQ Joint had opened in our fair city, I knew I had to bring the foodie tales along for the ride.

Upon entering the relaxed pub-like atmosphere of Blackstrap BBQ you are instantly comforted by the most delicious and intoxicating fumes coming from their open style kitchen. Standing at the counter I quickly glanced over the menu and decided on a little of everything. Mac N cheese balls, brisket, burnt end poutine, beans, coleslaw and a half a chicken. I decided to leave the turkey, pork and pork ribs for another visit as I couldn't possibly eat anymore than I had already ordered.

At Blackstrap they serve it up casual style in tray pans fully loaded to the rims. They offer all sorts of combination o…

Beaver Hall

Going through my blog the other day I realized that I had never posted this great entry about my birthday at Beaver Hall. It's a few months, ok five months old but I can still taste that scampi butter served atop my filet. Naturally after seeing this post, I decided it was time for a re-visit so this past Saturday my friend and I headed back to Beaver Hall. Two posts in one! Enjoy!

On Saturday, six of my closest friends and I met up at Beaver Hall for my birthday dinner. One of my friends had previously eaten there for a work affair and ranted and raved on how exquisite her meal was. Naturally I had to discover that for myself. We parked across the street, parking was relatively easy even for downtown, and walked in. We had reservations and were seated immediately.

As we sat down and ordered some drinks, I quickly helped myself to some homemade spicy-pickled cornichons. They were absolutely perfect, crisp, briny and spicy the perfect blend. There were three small mason-j…

Le Fumoir RUBS: a tasty BBQ treat!

On a particularly cold, rainy and chilly Sunday night, a couple of friends and I were in search of some comfort food to warm us up. I suggested BBQ as I kept hearing about the two new places that had recently opened up in town. We decided on Le Fumoir Rubs and called in for a table. We parked a couple of blocks away and quickly walked through the rain. Opening the door to the restaurant we were immediately greeted by a delicious aroma of BBQ; a smokey and sweet smell. I immediately began to drool.
We were seated quite quickly and within seconds our waiter appeared to offer us drinks. I quickly ordered a beer, Moosehead my favorite, and began scanning the menu. We all decided to share the "Bigger than Big: Texan Platter" and then changed our minds as both my friends do not really eat pork.
Two of us ordered brisket, while the other had the beef ribs and a chile for two out of the three of us to share. We all ordered different sides and shared them; mac n cheese, colesl…

Just joined Twitter

Hey followers, if I have any :), just wanted to drop by and let everyone know that I have officially joined Twitter!!! The Foodie Tales will be tweeting daily, hopefully, so follow us @afamishedfoodie !!
We'll try and keep you up to date with all things food; new restos, recipes and hopefully much much more! So join us and tell your friends!

Keep eating and reading!
A Famished Foodie

The food experience: Joe Beef

For the past few months all everyone seems to be talking about is Joe Beef, Joe beef and more Joe Beef. In magazines, food blogs even on television everyone seems to be head over heels in love with Joe Beef. Dare I say it has developed a cult following? The dark yet comforting and relaxed atmosphere and the blackboard menu engulfs you and makes you feel part of Joe Beef. At least that's how I felt.

Before I continue any further, I must say that Joe Beef is not going to be everyones favorite, you need an open mind, an empty stomach and love for adventure. Bringing my best friend, the notorious pickiest eater I know, was a huge mistake, well maybe not. I did get to eat her meal and it was almost better than mine!

Walking into the restaurant for the first time, I was over hyper and excited and couldn't wait to eat. We were shown to our table and encouraged to spend as much time as needed drooling at the enormous chalkboard menu. I should point out that the chalkboard men…