Sunday, July 13, 2014

BBP - Bobby's Burger Palace - Miami

Bobby’s Burger Palace, aka BBP, is unlike any restaurant I have ever been to. Normally at restaurants you’re seated first and then you place your order, but not at BBP. At BBP you line up at the front cashes to place your order. Once your order is placed, you are given a number to put on the table of your choice, either inside or on their large terrace. The waiters and waitresses find you by your table number and deliver your food. A mix of old school drive through and cafeteria type of dining – neat concept!

Standing in a large line (they really should have more than one cash opened at a time), we had more than enough time to decide on what we wanted to eat. They display their concise menu on the wall for everyone to see, and they also have printed ones all over. Staring at the enormous menu hanging on the wall, we all changed our minds over and over.

I finally decided on the Buffalo Burger, my sister the Napa Turkey Burger, My mother had the same but with an Angus beef patty and my father ordered the Philadelphia Burger. We also ordered fries, sweet potatoes fries, onions rings, a vanilla milkshake, and chocolate milkshake and a couple of cokes. We were given our table number on a plastic place card, and two empty cups to fill at the self-serve machines.

We filled our glasses and headed to the terrace to grab a seat. Within minutes our shakes arrived. The front of house staff is more than friendly and really gets the job done well. 

I ordered the vanilla bean shake. I had always said I wanted to have a good shake and a burger, today was the day. My shake was absolutely delicious. The vanilla bean flavour was present and I really enjoyed that even though the shake was thick, I had no trouble drinking it through the straw. My sister had the chocolate shake and really enjoyed it as well. The chocolate flavour was delicious and not overly sweet which I really enjoyed. This being the first time I ever had a milkshake and a burger; I must say this combination is quite satisfying. 

The burgers and sides arrived shortly after. As I placed my top bun on my burger, I couldn't help but be slightly disappointed with the bun. Don’t get me wrong, a plain solid bun is awesome for a burger, but this being Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace, I thought I would be getting something a little more creative. Maybe even a brioche style simple bun. That being said, the bun held up to the burger quite well and let all the flavours of the meat and sauces shine through. My burger was doused in Red Hot sauce, topped with a cooling and delicious blue cheese dressing and crispy watercress – fantastic yet simple! Even though this burger was so simply done, the flavours together made this burger really delicious. The Angus beef was cooked properly creating a perfectly flavourful and juicy burger. I really enjoyed it especially for under $8.  

My sister and mother both had the Napa Valley burger served with goat cheese, watercress and a Mayer Lemon honey mustard sauce. My mother had the beef version while my sister had the turkey burger. Both were absolutely delicious, the turkey burger surprised us all. It was even better than the beef patty – truly delicious. Juicy and very flavourful, this burger was a hit at our table. 

My father had the Philadelphia Burger served with sauteed onions and mushrooms. He was not impressed with his burger at all. In fact he was disappointed as he was expecting something out of the ordinary from a Bobby Flay burger joint. I explained to him that for the price these were damn good burgers, it’s not like we were having $40 Kobe beef burgers with truffles and lobster mayo. I tried my Dad’s burger and it was good. Burger cooked well, topping very tasty, but I knew what he was expecting and understood why he was disappointed, he wanted a fancy pants burger. Not the right kind of burger joint Dad!

Now let me tell you about the sides at BBP. We decided on ordering three of them; sweet potato fries, regular French fries and beer battered onions rings. The fries and rings are served in small pails and each serving is more than enough for two people to share.

I started off with the French fries which had all the proper elements of a good fry; crispy, not greasy, soft center and flavoured very well. We all agreed that these fries were delicious.

The sweet potato fries also had all the right elements – really great fries!  Crispy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside, these fries were absolutely delicious.  

The beer battered onion rings were huge. Actually huge is not the right word, gigantic is more like it. These colossal sized onion rings were crispy and delicious; a subtle flavoured exterior and perfectly tender onion interior. 

Each ring passed the “Onion Ring Test,” when biting into a ring, the onion did not get pulled out in one bite, it stayed intact with its crispy coating. I loved these rings and so did my mother, my sister and father however were not so convinced. They thought the rings were outrageously large and lacked flavour – Preposterous! The beer batter coating was packed with flavour but I guess that was just mine and my mother’s opinion. 

We finished up our dinner and left satisfied and extremely full. We all agreed that for the price, this was one of the better burger joints we have been to. I for one really enjoyed BBP and cannot wait to return and try his brunch burger – YUMMMMM!!!!

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2nd Blogaversary dinner at Bottega Pizzeria

April is my blogaversary month and this year I decided we needed to continue the tradition of a pizza party dinner.  Instead of heading back to last year's spot, we decided to head towards little Italy and devour some delicious Neapolitan style pizzas at Bottega Pizzeria.  

I made a reservation, invited all my friends and family, and patiently waited for the delicious evening to arrive.  Arriving on time for our reservation, I was more than a little annoyed that we all stood around waiting for our table.  There was a four person table ready for us, except the reservation was for 10.  I totally understand having to wait for a table as some people do take longer than others, but offering us a cocktail to make up for the 40 minute wait would have been more than appreciated.  The front of the house basically ignored our frustration and offered no apologies.  This not only pissed me off, but my guests were visibly annoyed. 

We finally sat down at our table, ordered a bottle of wine and some fried calamari to start.  The calamari was crisp, tender and delicious.  Not over-cooked, these rings were just perfect and we all really enjoyed them.  

Then the big decisions came; what pizzas should we order?  All I knew was that I wanted to try as many different pizzas as possible, both red and white ones too.  Bottega offers their pizza served with their tomato sauce or "white" meaning no sauce.  Both are delicious and deciding between the two proved most challenging.  Finally narrowing down the options, we decided on five pizzas and two calzones. 

The Caprese pizza is one of Bottega's red pizzas and also a favourite of mine.  Simple fresh toppings always make for the best pizzas.  Bottega's owner and Chef Fabrizio Covone, takes pride in using only the best ingredients in all his dishes, and it really shows.  My Caprese pizza was topped with San Marzano tomatoes, blistered cherry tomatoes, fresh Fior di Latte mozzarella and delicious oregano.  This pizza was a work of art; so simply yet so outrageously delicious.  

The next pizza I sampled was one that I cannot remember the name of but I believe it was called La Provola.  It was a white pizza topped with prosciutto cotto, smoked provola cheese, wild mushrooms and topped with basil.  This pizza was out of this world amazing.  The cheese and salami were perfectly paired and that pizza dough - speechless.  The are no words to describe how amazing Bottega's pizza dough is, you simply must go and try it for yourself.

Another white pizza on the must order list, was the Funghi Porcini pizza.  One of their more expensive pizzas, but worth every penny in my opinion.  This tasty treat may have been the best pizza of the night.  Piled high with arugula, fresh Fior di Latte mozzarella, basil and of course porcini mushrooms, this pizza stood on a level above all others.  

One of my favourite toppings on a pizza has got to be chilli peppers.  I load it on all my pizzas so naturally we had to order the "La Diavola" pizza.  Topped with fresh Fior di Latte mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, salami, chilli peppers and fresh basil, this pizza was a hit.  I know I have been saying this about all the pizzas, but seriously they are amazing.  Fabrizio and his crew take such pride in what they create, and it really shows.  

I am not a huge lover of veggies on my pizza but my little sister is.  She chose the Ortolana pizza which was also a white pizza and topped with grilled veggies (zucchinis and peppers), fresh mozzarella and basil.  I always thought putting zucchinis on a pizza would make it soggy and watery, boy was I wrong!  This pizza was not only delicious, but not a hint of wateriness at all.  I enjoyed it so much in fact, that I am now convinced that zucchinis do belong on pizzas. 

Only showing one calzone as they both are served identically.

The last two pizza dishes on the table were the house specialty - Calzones.  We ordered two calzones; one with prosciutto and one vegetarian.  The calzones are giant.  Actually giant isn't big enough to describe how huge these calzones are. Using the same amazing dough as his pizzas, Fabrizio creates these amazing pockets of pizza goodness.  The blend of cheese inside these gigantic calzones is beyond words.   The delicious prosciutto used on the pizzas and inside the calzones is spectacular.  I loved the flavour and how well it complimented the cheeses - Amazing!!!!

No pizza dinner is complete without a delicious dessert.  Keeping with tradition, we ended our meal with Bottega's Nutella pizza.  Hot melty nutella all over Bottega's pizza dough has got to be the best dessert ever!  The soft stretchy dough makes for the perfect compliment to the sweet, gooey hazelnuty chocolaty goodness.  We scarfed this dessert down so fast, that our second dessert hadn't even been served yet!

Eating at an Italian restaurant and not ordering a cannoli for dessert should be a sin.  I am a huge lover of the traditional cannoli, I have tried chocolate ones but nothing compares to the original.  Bottega's cannolis were really good.  The marscapone cream filling was perfectly done and the "cookie" shell was crunchy and flaky, just delicious.  I could have eaten four more but stopped after one as already the food coma was brewing.  

We sipped our coffees and sat for a few minutes laughing, talking and digesting.  As we got up from the table, we thanked our waiters for putting us all into a deep food coma - bedtime!  If you're looking for the perfect pizza dinner and an intense food coma, I highly suggest trying Bottega.  

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Have you heard about KYOZON?

Have you heard all the hype about this New-Asian tapas restaurant opening up in the heart of downtown this August?  KYOZON is a new style affordable tapas restaurant set to take Montreal by storm later this summer.  

KYOZON is another venture by the Tom Nacos group who's current restaurant list includes; Weinstein and Gavino's, NewTown, Decca77 and l'Atelier d'Argentine.  As a lover of any kind of Asian cuisine, I cannot wait to try this new place out.  Looks like a really fun place to grab some grub and drinks with friends.      

Check out KYOZON's Facebook page and Website for more information.  You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Decca77 - A very disappointing re-visit!!!

***I thought I posted this a long time ago... ooops!!****

Any opportunity to save money while dining out is ok in my books. I especially love when restaurants offer a reduced priced menu after certain hours or like some restaurant groups here in Montreal, offer a special where their menu prices have been significantly reduced. Le Chop menu is one such example. A few restaurants owned by the Tom Nacos group reduce their menu prices for a period of about a month. This year I visited Decca77. 

Yes I know I have been there before, but this time they did not know I was coming and I wanted to re-visit this spot I had been invited to months back. I arrived on time for my reservation and was taken to coat check. When I made my reservation, I had requested to be seated on the brasserie side, but the hostess brought us towards the restaurant side. I quickly explained that I had requested the brasserie and the hostess quickly apologized and went to the computer to find us another table. As she was quickly adjusting her seating chart, another hostess approached and questioned why I was not being seated. I explained the mix up but instead of being friendly, this hostess decided the appropriate reaction was to roll her eyes, snort at me and verbally exclaim her annoyance. Right away I was annoyed but decided to ignore this outburst as she was not the hostess seating us.

We were finally approaching our table when two men rudely walked in front of us. The hostess asked them to wait to be seated but the men quickly explained that they were friends of the bartender and were just going to grab an empty table. They grabbed one alright, our table! We were given no choice but to sit at a table literally next to the front door – disappointing. The hostess explained that since the men had sat down first, she was not able to ask them to move, are you kidding me? I was the one with a reservation they just walked in without even waiting to be seated. We sat down pissed off and waited for the third person in our party to arrive, he was parking the car. 

Glancing annoyingly over the menu, I decided to pair the Chop menu with wine, an option they offer for a fee. Our waitress greeted us and offered us some cocktails, I ordered a ginger and gin flavoured one, while my friend had a lychee martini. The drinks were strong which we did not mind, but the lychee one was bitter and really not tasty.

Both my friends had the minestrone soup to start. Thick, rich and hearty, this soup had a very strong tomato flavour. The garlic baguette crostini that accompanied the soup was probably the best part, we all agreed to that.

I opted for the calamari; I know I am totally a sucker for these crispy and tender circles of goodness. They were neither chewy nor crispy, they tasted fine; not the best I've had but also far from the worst. I liked that they served it with their own aioli and not just marinara sauce, the aioli was good and even better with more fresh lemon. As I nibbled my calamari, my annoyance grew and grew. Where was my first course of wine? My waitress was not the one who served us our appetizers, but you would think she would have made sure to bring my wine course on time. I sat patiently waiting and waiting until finally I was down to my last few rings of calamari. Keep in mind, I ate one piece at a time and very slowly on purpose to see how long it would take for her to come by and not only check on our apps, but to bring me my wine. Twenty minutes later, she arrived and asked me if it was alright if she brought me my wine – ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I answered quite sternly that I would more than appreciate that considering my dish was finished and she hurried off to bring me my wine. It took another 8 minutes for my wine to arrive.

As our first course was cleared away, our main course quickly arrived. We immediately joked as to how long it would take for my second glass of wine to arrive, but by the time I got it, I wasn't laughing anymore. Having finished all of my baked trout and most of the vegetables on my plate, the waitress arrived once again to ask me if it was alright for her to bring my wine. It wasn't for a lack of trying, I had waived down a waitress in between to ask for my wine, but I was told my waitress would be over shortly. I explained my annoyance to my waitress but she offered no apologies.

We both had the baked trout with a lemon wine sauce and steamed veggies. The dish was simple, nothing outstanding about it. The vegetables were steamed well and not overcooked. Overall an average dish with nicely flavoured sauce and properly cooked fish.

Our mains were cleared and I was left with a full glass of wine. I sat sipping my wine when our waitress arrived offering us desserts. I ordered the chocolate dessert and my friend decided on the squash cake based on our waitresses recommendation. The chocolate dessert was very decorative but bitter and not very appealing to my palate; my friend kind of enjoyed it. The squash cake was just not good at all. Flavourless, tough and stale are the only words that come to mind to describe this dessert – really disappointing.

As we were sitting in the restaurant, I tweeted at Decca77 how horrible the service was and how completely disappointed we had been with our evening. The restaurant invited me back for another dinner and I accepted. A few weeks later I was back and of course I received the best service, but the tables around me were blatantly ignored. Two gentlemen sitting next to us sat for over twenty minutes with empty drink glasses before anyone offered them another drink or something to eat. I overheard their annoyance and so did my dining partner. It was a nice gesture to make up our disaster of a dinner, but at least treat all your patrons with the same quality of service, did they think I wouldn't notice? Another table sitting across from us was also ignored and had the worst service ever. They ordered drinks, sat for twenty minutes waiting for them, then gulped them down and left. I heard them say they would have ordered food but the waitress was rude and never returned to check on them. I have tried to like this place but really there isn't much to like. 

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Nouveau Palais!

Fried chicken and waffles has been popular for a while now and all I kept hearing was Nouveau Palais does it up right. On a random Sunday, my best friend called me and asked if I wanted to tag along to brunch at Nouveau Palais, I immediately accepted the invitation knowing this was my chance to see what the buzz was about.

We arrived and we were seated immediately, thank goodness as I was starving, and ordered drinks. Two of us had the fresh squeezed grapefruit mimosa, while the other had a bloody Caesar. The loaded Caesar is served in a beer glass with a Cajun spiced rim, a skewer of bell pepper, cucumber, cherry tomato, a quail egg and of course a stalk of celery. The mimosa was tart and refreshing while the Caesar was spicy and comforting. I really enjoyed both.

We saw beignets on the menu and immediately knew we had to have them. Served three to an order and dusted with powdered sugar, these devilish treats were really good. Crispy on the outside with soft and chewy center, these fried treats were delicious and thankfully not overly greasy.

Then I spotted my fried chicken and waffles. A more than generous portion of waffles and chicken, enough for two people, was served to me and I dug right in. I enjoyed the chicken and thought it to be very juicy, yet for some reason I imagined it would be better. The flavour was delicious and well balanced, however I thought the crispy crust could have been more evident and crispier. I also thought the chicken was a touch on the greasy side and should have been better cooked. The waffles on the other hand were just perfect. Crispy exterior and soft interior – delicious! Placing the chicken, waffles and syrup all together, I knew immediately why this dish was so popular. Separately each element was good but put together they create an amazing treat.

Of course my eyes are always bigger than my stomach, so before I knew it I had also ordered the sausages as a side – Food coma! These little links were absolutely perfect and I was more than thrilled to over stuff my belly to finish every last bite. Pan seared with a crispy exterior and a deliciously spiced tender interior, these sausages were just delicious and I enjoyed each bite. 

My friend ordered and enjoyed the apple pancakes; a fluffy stack of pancakes separated by sour cream and topped with thin slices of apples and apple compote. I tried this dish and for someone who loves sour cream and pancakes, I was not a fan. The pancakes on their own were fluffy and flavourful, but not the kind of pancakes you serve with sour cream. At least that was my opinion.

My other fried enjoyed her dish but for some reason I don’t remember what she had nor did I take any pictures of it, not sure why. We enjoyed our brunch at Nouveau Palais and will be back for more. It is a great casual spot with good fresh food and a great friendly vibe. The perfect place to nurse a hangover Sunday morning; not only because of the food, but the alcohol too!

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Hof Kelsten - More than just good bread!

Growing up in a family obsessed with good food, I quickly learnt the difference between fresh baked bread and day old stale bread. On a daily basis, my Dad or Mom would come home with fresh bread and once we ate what we needed that day, we would immediately freeze it to ensure freshness. Call me crazy, but I for one still cannot eat day old bread.

A few weeks ago on a chilly Sunday morning, my best friend and her fiancée invited me to grab a quick bite and then some shopping. As I jumped into their car, they both informed me they wanted Schwartz’s, without hesitation we set off towards St. Laurent Blvd. Arriving at Schwartz’s, the line up was huge and we decided not to wait. I immediately suggested Hof Kelsten as I had been dying to try their gravlax sandwich and of course buy some bread.

We headed up St. Laurent Blvd and found parking right in front of Hof Kelsten. The un-finished decor at Hof Kelsten provides for a laid back casual and comfortable vibe. The staff is very friendly and are more than happy to help you decide what to order. Hof Kelsten’s menu boasts a delicious selection of sandwiches as well as a few specials of the day. I knew exactly what I wanted, the gravlax sandwich served on the caraway rye bread.

The sandwich is piled high with deliciously flavoured thick slices of homemade gravlax, a dill cream cheese spread, fennel, cucumbers and salty briny capers. Each element of this sandwich was noticeable with each bite I took. The dill cream cheese was light enough to let the flavours of the gravlax stand out and the crunchiness of the cucumbers and fennel allowed for the perfect blend of textures. This sandwich is so good and completely addictive. 

My friend also had the gravlax, but her fiancée had the brisket sandwich. A large pickled beef brisket sandwich served warm and topped with apples, a red cabbage and beet slaw, and a house made Thousand Island dressing, this sandwich takes the classic eastern European dish to an entire new level of flavour. From soft tender meat to the crunchiness of the apples and slaw, this sandwich has it all.

We all finished our sandwiches quite quickly and ran back to the counter to order some bread. I quickly ordered half a dozen onion Bialys. Montrealers have bagels, Floridians have Bialys. Well at least that’s how my family looks at it. You can’t get a decent bagel in Florida, so we always stick to Bialys; a “bagel-shaped” bread that can be served plain or topped with caramelized onions. Hof Kelsten’s onion Bialy’s are fresh, soft and chewy, making one delicious treat. Toasted in a toaster oven and drenched in butter is my favourite, or with really good cream cheese, but even plain these guys are so good.

Along with my Bialys, I also ordered a Caraway rye and sunflower seed bread. The breads at Hof Kelsten are what I call “real bread.” Not that fake sandwich bread you find in the bread isle at Loblaws. The Caraway rye or Kimmel bread is out of this world delicious. So good that even my Mother a hater of caraway seeds enjoyed this bread without even realizing what she was eating. The sunflower seed bread was just as delicious but with a nuttier taste.

The next Sunday, my Mother and younger sister joined me for brunch at my new favourite place. I tried to convince my Mother to order the gravlax, but when she saw they had salty French toast on the menu, she couldn't help but order it. I couldn't blame her, thick sliced Challah French toast [the real way to make French toast] served with two fried eggs, house-made veal pancetta (bacon) and real maple syrup, who wouldn't order that? I was going to order that myself, but I had a feeling it was going to be too much for my Mom and ordered the gravlax just in case she wanted to switch. I was right, five bites in I was eating French toast. The veal pancetta had a spiced flavour and I could tell immediately that this wasn't your average breakfast meat. Salty and savory, I loved each and every bite; it also complimented the sweet delicious French toast perfectly. The eggs were great and cooked over easy, but I did not see the necessity in having them on the plate.

My sister ordered the gravlax plate; two fried eggs, a generous amount of thick slices of Hof Kelsten’s gravlax, pickled onions, potato latkas, sour cream, and rye toast. The gravlax has so much flavour and is so good that it really does not need anything to accompany it. The Potato latkas were good, but not as good as I had hoped. When we make latkas, they are mostly shredded potatoes and onions with minimal flour, Hof Kelsten’s were more on the pancake side. I also thought they were lacking salt, that said, they were still ok.

That Sunday, we purchased our usual breads, and then decided to try another, the pumpernickel. Hof Kelsten’s pumpernickel is not like any you may get in a regular Montreal bakery. True to eastern European tradition, this bread is dense and sticky and can barely be called bread to our Canadian standards. Sold in a dense thick rectangular loaf, this bread reminded my mother of her childhood in Russia. Thick with flavours of molasses, this bread just screams to be slathered with butter and black caviar, or if you’re a real Russian, “Selyodka” aka hearing.

On Sunday the week of Purim, I stopped by to try and purchase some hamantashens. No luck, they were already all sold out! I was fortunate enough to have introduced myself to the owner and Chef, Jeff Finkelstein, and he quietly snuck me one from his personal secret stash that he was hoping to take home. He cut the cookie in half so that I could share it with my younger sister. I thanked him over and over and devoured half of a delicious flaky and soft hamantashen. I really enjoyed it as it was not overly sweet and the dough was cream cheese based like my dad always makes – Yummm!

I don’t think the term bakery does justice to describe what Hof Kelsten truly is. Yes it is a bakery, but it is also a Jewish influenced European deli. Having fresh baked breads and delicious food, Hof Kelsten has become a favourite amongst many for brunch on weekends and week days. I really like this place and look forward to many visits.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014


Saint Henri has become one of my favourite neighbourhoods. Not only is it very close to me, it is also home to most of the cities hottest and best restaurant. From higher priced Joe Beef and Tuck Shop, to sandwiches at Campanelli's, these gems come in all shapes and sizes. One such gem on the corner of du Couvent and Notre Dame blew my mind. I had heard about Ludger's food, but never been nor seen the place.

Not knowing anything about the place, one could walk right by and never imagine that this happening bar serves up some delicious gourmet grub. Casual, almost dingy, would properly describe the decor at Ludger, but as the saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover!” I am never one to judge restaurant by its looks, but I would have never believed the food coming out of their kitchen had I not been there myself. On a snowy February night, a few girlfriends and I set out to Ludger for a really late dinner.

Sauteed Vegetables.  I did not try them but my friends loved them

We sat at one of their banquet tables for four and waited patiently to order our drinks. Ludger has its menu on a chalk board hung high on the wall. I don’t mind this concept, however being half blind, not literally, it always takes me forever to piece together the menu. I really didn't even need to see the chalk board, our waitress knew her menu well and was able to not only tell me each item, she also suggested the perfect meal. My friends ordered a few dishes to share; polenta fries, a couple of orders of fried tofu and sautéed vegetables. After much debate, I decided on the bavette.

The fried tofu was really beautifully presented and perfectly delicious. The tofu was crispy on the outside and perfectly soft and firm on the inside. The spicy curry-Thai sauce complimented the fried tofu perfectly and added just the right touch of heat to the dish. Everyone at our table really enjoyed this dish, even though it was just tofu.

The polenta fries come six to an order and are accompanied by a light dipping sauce. Golden and crispy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside, Ludger’s polenta fries are a total must order. The creamy polenta was smooth and deliciously flavoured, these disappeared instantly at our table.

The bavette was served with a deliciously sweet yet savory onion confit, a bright Brussels sprout salad, pureed potatoes and a few delicious Jerusalem artichokes. The truly special element of this dish was the deep fried panko encrusted egg.  Set atop the bavete, this delicious crispy on the outside gooey on the inside egg added yet another touch that enhanced this dish and elevated it to a whole new level.  The bavette was cooked to a perfect medium rare and was quite enjoyable. Probably one of the best bavettes I have ever had. Tender and buttery are the only words that come to mind to describe this bavette. The onion confit paired perfectly with the tender flavourful meat. The side of Brussels sprouts was not what I was expecting. Shaved down into a cold vinegary salad, the Brussels sprouts were really refreshing and brightened up the dish. This really changed my outlook on how to serve Brussels sprouts as I enjoyed them much more than I ever thought I would. I loved every aspect of this plate and have been dreaming about it ever since. I think the success of this dish should not only be attributed to the flavours, but all the different textures as well. From sweet to vinegary and from tender to crunchy, this plate had all the right elements.

We finished up our delicious plates and decided to order a couple of desserts to end our meal. We decided to order the Beignet a l’erable and the butterscotch verrine. Both desserts were very appealing to the eye, however none of us actually enjoyed them. The beignet was very heavy and did not seem fresh. A little on the stale side and lacking flavour, we did not even realize it was a maple beignet. The butterscotch verrine was better than the beignet but still not as satisfying as we had hoped. I enjoyed the balance of texture but sadly the flavour of the butterscotch verrine was missing something.

The food at Ludger was so good that the disappointing dessert didn't even faze us. We all left full of delicious food and completely satisfied with our Girl’s night out. As we walked to our cars, we all agreed the Ludger was a hit, another gem in St. Henri.

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